Michelle McCool Says She Has No Plans On Coming Back Any Time Soon

Michelle McCool has posted a new "birthday vlog" on her official YouTube channel. In it, she updates her fans but says she doesn't plan on coming back to WWE any time soon. You can watch her latest embedded below:

  • aGirl

    Couldn't care less. With the way divas are booked I'm actually happy when they are off tv entirely. Three more minutes for the guys lol

  • Nesto

    How can she say she isn’t coming back when she’s been on tour with them the whole time. I got the pics to prove it lol. Taken just as Jericho said he would never return.

  • Hunter

    Bad news… Divas division has been hurting without her and Layla

  • Angelica

    Agreed Hunter. Beth and Natalya are the only two good ones left.

  • sethpac_00

    Thank goodness she cleared that up. I thought I would have to start fast forwarding through smackdown again.

  • leigh

    Mctaker was burying the divas division and I for one am happy she retired…I’d rather see Lita and/or trish return as well as kharma

  • Louis

    Question I see some liked her, I see some don’t which is it was she a bad wrestler or a good one?

  • Georian Myrick

    Please come back Michelle I luv u u r the best and my favorite female wrestler

  • Georian Myrick

    Michelle is the best