Mick Foley, Chris Jericho & More Respond To Daniel Bryan's "Occupy Raw" Segment

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- This week’s Raw Fallout, which features Dolph Ziggler, Titus O'Neil & Zavier Woods responding to Occupy Raw, is online at this link. You can also watch in the video embedded below:

- Chris Jericho & Mick Foley responded to the latest chapter in Daniel Bryan's road to WrestleMania with the following tweets:

  • Splat

    I totally marked out during that “Occupy Raw” Segment…

  • Jeff

    Was kind of fun that this happened here in Tenn.

  • jman72485

    That segment had me grinning from ear to ear. hope he wins the title!!!

  • King A sshole

    Occupy Raw was the best segment since Rock Vs. Cena was announced. Also, a little history time, if Daniel Bryan beats Triple H, he will be the first person to have two matches at Wrestlemania in twenty years (since Bret Hart). And, god willing Vince McMahon doesn’t show his ass, if he wins both matches he will be the first person to do so in twenty-one years, (since Hulk Hogan).

    • AlphaMale

      Hogan actually lost that first match at WM9 by DQ. It will truly be a first!

      • AlphaMale

        Except of course Savage winning the tournament at 4 of course lol

  • David F.

    Anything less than Bryan winning WWE title at WM 30 will be disappointment hopefully this sign WWE listening to fans and send them home happy come WM 30. Batista can always get his title reign later on in 2014.

  • GOR

    can we have 2 min. silence for the planning of batista’s return n championship winning moment at wrestlemania ?!

  • *Xavier* Woods.

  • Jay El Bee

    Dumbest segment ever.

  • Guest

    If they really wanted to stick it to Punk, they’d make DBry World Champion for 435 Days!!! “Best in the World”