Mick Foley On CM Punk - "I Think He's Just Cut Off All Communication With People From The Business"

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Mick Foley was recently interviewed by For The Win of USA Today, and spoke about his career in comedy, his current health, and a number of wrestling-related topics. He talks how he engages with the current WWE product, discusses his favorite wrestlers in WWE, and names Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan, CM Punk vs. Steve Austin, and Hogan vs. himself as dream WrestleMania matches. He continues in the following excerpt:

Speaking of CM Punk, you two have a history. Do you think he’ll come back?

There’s no telling. He marches to the beat of his own drummer. I will say he doesn’t respond to me. I used to be able to reach out to him. I think he’s just cut off all communication with people from the business, and if he comes back, it’ll be on his own terms, and I respect that.

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  • MyBrokenKnees

    Excpet AJ of course and probably Colt so not all people from the business.

    Maybe just maybe he dones’t like you Mick that could be why he didn’t reply.

  • John

    I have read many interviews in the past where CM Punk has openly said he doesn’t have many friends in wrestling let alone WWE so i’m not sure why everyone expects him to be talking to guys like Mick Foley.

  • Jason

    This massive joke called Mick Foley has taken too many hits to the skull, “cutting ALL communication from the business”? pfft His best friend is Colt, and he is now married to AJ, 2 individuals who are actually apart of the business. STFU Foley.