Mick Foley Continues Feud With Dean Ambrose With Tweet After Smackdown

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Mick Foley posted the following on Twitter:

This is an in-character Tweet to continue Foley's feud with Dean Ambrose.

  • Mike

    I may have missed something, but is this real or kayfabe?

  • havoc525

    It’s a shame they didn’t play it up on air.

    • James M>>>

      Social media craze

      Mike – was the part of the article “this is an in-character tweet” missing when you read this?

      • Mike

        Woops, didn’t catch that lol. Guess that clears it up.

  • Steve l

    Who on the worldis Dean Ambrose?

    • christopher525

      You'll learn soon enough, he's the guy Vince brought in to be their safety net in case Punk had actually walked last year, that should something about how highly they think of the man.

  • Logan_Walker

    I Dont Get The Whole Point in This ?

  • Steve l

    Ok I looked him up. This appears to be a work but Dean brings up some interesting points. This is similar to what Flair has said about Foley in the past. The standard “glorified stuntman” line that Foley gets but he takes it even further.

  • kbunyon

    Dean Ambrose is also known as Jon Moxley. He's an indy wrestler who was in Dragon Gate. He's been in FCW and Dean Ambrose is the name he's been saddled with.

    If you look back a day or two on WNW you will find something with Punk's name on it. Punk commented on a video of Dean getting in Foley's face, blaming Foley for ruining the lives of the 12 year olds of his generation.

    The video is really hard to hear, but it looks like they're starting to pull Dean up and will be using Foley to further his character. I think it will be a great way to use Foley, as long as they don't have Foley in the ring too much.

    I find it very interesting how they've been using social media to push storylines. I think they're trying something new with pushing this storyline almost completely online for now.


    • christopher525

      It's a lot like the Regal/Ambrose storyline they played out in FCW, at least that's the feel I'm getting.

  • Kevin

    Most of the time when we see the wrestlers in the "real world", they stay in character. Especially with Twitter wars. Most of what we see/hear is KAYFABE. They're using the inet and all other sources of media to carry on the illusion that what we see on television is real.