Mick Foley Criticizes Daniel Bryan's Storyline - "Nearly Identical" To Zack Ryder's Booking

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Mick Foley, who has been vocal about Daniel Bryan's booking in recent months, spoke out about his current direction and angle with Kane:

Foley was also vocal about commentary failing to note Bad News Barrett's use of his Cactus Elbow:

  • kingdook24

    I thought I was the only one not a fan of this Daniel Bryan storyline. The way they kept on promoting Bryan’s wedding, having Brie at Bryan’s side all the time now, etc. No offense to Brie or Stephanie, but their acting is just too over the top. And Stephanie being a heavy-handed knocker to add to the element of scaring us. It’s just not believable – but DB is doing the best he can with what he has seeing as all the major players in the main event scene (Cena, Orton, Batista, etc.) are all involved in upper mid-card storylines.

    Honestly, the best storyline right now is Shield/Evolution. I had mentioned last night during Extreme Rules that the PPV seemed built around Shield/Evolution, not DB/Kane. Even Cena/Bray had better build than DB/Kane. I found it very odd that the match with the best build was in the mid of the card, and the storyline with the weakest build was the main event for the WWE WHC. At this juncture – I’d rather see DB still going head up with the Authority. I hope they find a way to phase Brie out of the storyline with DB, put her back into the Divas division or tagging with her sister, and just have DB going head up with the Authority.

    • Jack ‘Tristeza’ Hughes

      I pretty much agree with all of this except the “heavy handed knocker” bit. It was pretty clear to me that she was knocking that hard on purpose TO scare them.

    • Mysterion

      It was very difficult for WWE to build Kane/Bryan as hard as the other two as Bryan had two nights off, effectively. One for his honeymoon and, yes he was there, but when his dad passed away he was written off.

    • kingdook24

      New blood would be nice, as well. A program with the “new heel” Sheamus would be good. Rusev would be good – and would make interesting television with Lana/Brie, if they do intend to keep Brie around Bryan. I may get heat for this but maybe a program with ADR – he’ll have COMPLETE heat against Bryan. Cesaro, of course – with Heyman in his corner causing doubt in Bryan that all his clients “conquer” what their goals are. Ziggler, of course, would be entertaining but for whatever reason, it won’t happen – at least not with Ziggler or Bryan both faces. Maybe Big E… you all been seeing the reactions he’s been getting as of late, and that Extreme Rules post-interview?… Smell a heel turn in the works.

    • Avalanchian

      Honestly to me it feels like Bryan is losing momentum due to this storyline booking. It’s just hard for me to believe Kane went from a stooge and put the mask on to become some unstoppable again. When he was teaming up with Bryan for Team Hell No he sure wasn’t unstoppable.

  • Mark

    They might be similar, but there is a big difference here. Daniel Bryan is at the top of the card with the title and has a lot of support. Ryder was not at the top of the card, had a horrendous gimmick and didnt have as much support as Bryan has. I’m a fan of this booking so far I thought it is very believable unlike some of the things we are given.

    • mr.kevo

      Very believable? Seriously? LOL That was complete garbage last night, DB looks weak and the booking and acting was terrible. I agree with Foley. And yes DB has more support than Ryder but this kind of booking killed Ryder’s career. Maybe it won’t kill Bryan’s career but its gonna kill all of the momentum he had after winning the title at Mania. He looked like an idiot last night and took a back seat.

      • kingdook24

        He did look weak. I thought it was just in my head… but again, that’s just WWE thinking that we’ll just forget that Kane was a corporate stooge like 3-4 weeks ago, and now all of a sudden he’s back to being an unstoppable monster. Similar to when DB was chasing the title, and they had Big Show crying like a blubbering idiot, now he’s back to being a human wrecking machine.

        I really hope they turn this story around, and finally just admit that Stephanie is controlling him or just end this feud at Payback in a Buried Alive match or something.

  • WNW Fan

    I think Kane and Bryan should call Dr Shelby and “hug it out”. LOL

  • Jason

    Did anyone else get a good laugh last night with the “screaming” Brie was doing in the car?

    • WNW Fan

      I did. I thought it was pretty funny. Got to give her credit for at least trying to sell things.

    • Draven

      I know i did. Also loved the way it looked like bryan was gonna see if the monster was really dead.

  • Vin Sidious

    Foley sounds like he’s coming down with “MattHardy-itis.”

  • David

    Shouldn’t Daniel Bryan stay and fight and not run away from Kane? I mean the heel usually runs away from a fight.

    • David Jr.

      I don’t think he was running, I think he was suppose to be protecting his wife.

  • Mandy

    I have to agree with Mick, the backstage segment which showed Daniel and Brie trying to get away from Kane was awful! Bryan coming back to see if Kane was really dead, really?? It was lame! Daniel and Kane deserve better

  • ldb

    I was disgusted at how weak this storyline makes DB look. RUNNING From the foe! The Champion is never a coward unless its a heel champion or Norman Smiley. I m still shaking my head at this one. I love the other work Kane and DB have had. They work well together, but could you see SCSA, The Rock, John Cena, running from their opponet? hell 3MB called the Shield out before and took the beating.

  • David Jr.

    While it might be similar. Zack Ryder never reached the heights or popularity of Daniel Bryan. Also it just seems to me like all Mick Foley wants to do is complain.

    • mr.kevo

      Doesn’t matter if Ryder wasn’t as popular. Do you really think this kind of booking is going to help Bryan? There is a reason to complain here and Foley can speak his mind now since he isn’t under WWE contract.

  • David F

    I know Bryan is humble guy backstage but he needs to step up and fight for better ideas behind the scenes. Because this is just not helping him for his first lengthy title reign.