Mick Foley Defends The Bella Twins Following AJ Lee's Raw Promo

Following AJ Lee's promo on Monday Night Raw (recap here), Mick Foley took to Facebook to defend The Bella Twins. The defense is posted below in its entirety:

It's been a memorable Raw; an intense and disturbing physical encounter between Paul Heyman and CM Punk, a tremendous match-up between Christian and Randy Orton..and the looming danger to Orton's new Escalade (which, as of this writing, is still unscathed.) So why is it that I'm writing this post about the Divas division, feeling as if if I need to intervene and stick up for Bri and Nikki Bella - two young ladies who seem more than capable of sticking up for themselves?

First, before I speak up for the Bellas, how about I acknowledge that AJ Lee delivered one of the finest promos - male or female - that I've seen on Raw in quite a while. That's really saying something, considering that Paul Heyman and CM Punk have been doing some of their finest mic work on the show on a regular basis, and that Daniel Bryan has been (wait, the Escalade just got spray-painted) an absolute joy to watch, as he finds new depth in his persona on an almost weekly basis.

Yes, that was an amazing promo by AJ - primarily because she believed every word of it to be true..or at least it seemed that way to this 28 year wrestling veteran. After all, going back to the lessons I learned from Michael PS Hayes, a heel is always at their most believable and frightening and believable when they absolutely believe in their own words and actions. AJ's words were convincing and seem to be the ones being embraced by the WWE Universe. I know many people look at Bri and Nikki and see two beautiful women who have been given their spot in the company due to their beauty and choice in boyfriends.

That's not what I see when I look at Bri and Nikki. I see two strong, proud women who walked away from WWE in April 2012 following a legitimate business disagreement with the company. Bri and Nikki wanted to have more say in what they could and could not do outside of WWE. The company disagreed. I know that feeling. I've been there. The Bellas took a stand and walked away. I know that feeling too. But they didn't do it the Mick Foley way - whining and complaining, and (ask Layla about this sometime) even yelling a little bit. They did it the right way. They took a stand, did everything they were asked to do, and left with their heads held high; earning a heightened respect from everyone they dealt with on their way out.

And when they returned, they came back with a piece of the puzzle that had been missing from the Divas division. They returned with "Total Divas" - the vehicle the entire Divas division has driven to new heights of acceptance and mainstream recognition. I've often wondered why AJ wasn't part of the show. Obviously, she's a unique character and an an extremely talented wrestler. I would have really enjoyed the opportunity to see her outside the ring - to see how much AJ the performer and AJ the character had in common. I could completely understand any hard feelings she might harbor against the Bellas in that regard. But the idea that the Bellas haven't worked for everything they've received is just plain wrong from this Hall of Famer's perspective.

  • PFA56

    Foley watches total divas.
    Hardcore legend down the toilet.

    • JJ

      Quit frontin, you know you watch it to.

    • Gary Robert


  • David

    The problem is The Bellas cannot wrestle! They are waste of TV time. I feel bad for whoever has to work with them because the matches will be awful. I loved AJ’s promo on RAW and I dont remember the last time I actually enjoyed a Diva promo

    • Frida Olsson

      Oh please, AJ is overrated she’s nothing but Mickie James wanna be. the Bellas Twins are way better wrestlers then her and more entertaining as a whole. I feel bad ppls are loving a recycle gimmick

      • Kris Mystery

        A recycled gimmick? This is wrestling… everything is a recycled gimmick!!

      • Bebin Abraham

        Bella’s wrestle? lol Atleast A.J. can sell even if she has no offense or other wrestling abilities to speak of. Also she is more than adequate for a diva on the mic. The Bella’s on the other hand have no endearing qualities in terms of entertainment or wrestling.

        • the arbiter

          She’s better than most of the locker room on the mic Bebin, male or female.

          • Bebin Abraham


      • Ericdraven86

        Are these the kind of fans total divas has brought us?

      • Splat

        The Bellas Twins in-ring work is down right awful. It’s laughable to say they are better than AJ.

      • The Breaker

        There are some similarities between the Mickie James (Trish Stratus fan incarnation) and AJ characters, but to say that it is a recycled gimmick sells short the work AJ has done to evolve both on the mic and in the ring. She has come a long way and deserves credit for getting her character over to the point it is now. And, in my opinion, AJ’s heel persona is more believable than Mickie’s ever was.

      • Twilight Sparkle

        Bella Twins better wrestlers than AJ? I understand if you think they’re more entertaining than them, (even though that’s a stupid opinion. Them yelling during AJs promo was annoying as heck), but saying they’re better wrestlers? What next, are you going to say that Cameron is a good addition to the divas division, too?

      • the arbiter

        Not sure if trolling…. or just stupid.
        Most of the divas ring work is pretty sub standard. AJ, Nattie and Naomi can go, but after those three its a big drop off (and nattie and Naomi can’t promo as well as AJ)

        NXT series 3 had a match in the 2nd to last episode between AJ and Naomi, probably the best divas match of the last 5 years and next to no one saw it. It was so good that Michael coles trolling “i hate this show” character broke, and he actually got hooked into commentating the match properly.

  • Tony Rankin

    I thought for 1 millisecond, Kharma was going to come out or maybe a Kharma vignette or something. But the pipe bomb was still great to watch.

    • Eddie Edwards

      It crossed my mind too

      • David

        Kharma would be a better than Big E at being AJ’s bodyguard. I want to see Kharma come back and destroy everyone

  • Pepito Chihuahua


    • Frida Olsson

      AJ Lee is overrated she’s only copying Mickie James..

      • Justin

        I agree. But you have to realize AJ is an internet darling, so everything she does will be overvalued.

        • Matt

          Dear idiot. You’re in the Internet. Insulting Internet users. You are a hypocrite. God you people bashing the IWC while being in it piss me off.

          • JJ

            Then leave douche, your not wanted in here anyway

  • Mohan Ramnath

    Didnt watch raw as yet, but really bella’s cant exactly wrestle, AJ does some moves but she sells very well i’ve seen some the nxt girls they really got some skills, TNA former knocks could wrestle. I would hope danny teaches his GF the cross face 🙂

  • nadirah432

    Layla doesn’t complian or whine! How dare foley say that!