Mick Foley Discusses John Cena Turning Heel, Their "This Is Your Life" Segment, More

Part 3 of the interview conducted by Arda Ocal of the Score Television Network with Mick Foley has been released. Some highlights from this segment:

His thoughts on the crowd reactions recently on John Cena today, and his thoughts on the notion by some in the WWE Universe that Cena needs to "turn heel":
"There's one part of me that would like to see him really turn, and turn it on. But I think the moment he did that, the people who hated him would start to hate him less, and he would also lose the very very real love that part of the audience has for him. So I don't know. I don't know what's going to happen, but I think it makes for a great television show."

On the segment he did when he returned to RAW, "This is your life", why it was intentionally terrible:
"I didn't know it was gonna be that bad (laughs). I am proud of it. I watched it back, and I can understand people go "how can you come back after 3 and a half years and do that?"

Who impresses Mick on the WWE roster today and who he would love the opportunity to work with:
WWE has a great crew of younger wrestlers who are hitting there stride, almost simultaneously. I'm not talking about Punk, cause he's way up there, I'm talking about other guys like Dolph Ziggler and The Miz. I know The Miz main evented WrestleMania 27, but I think hes still a guy who is continuing  to get better. Wade Barrett has now re-emerged. So there's a bunch of guys there that are really appealing characters."

How did the "World's Most Polite Wrestler" originally emerge as Cactus Jack, one of the most ruthless characters in the history of pro wrestling:
"There was a time where I was living close to the zone. I was frustrated in life and my position in wrestling. I was able to take some of those negatives (and project them into Cactus Jack). I have learned that Twitter is not the place to take out that anger. I do get angry every once and a while."

Click here to watch Part 3 of this interview. If you missed them, click here to view Part 2, and click here to view Part 1.

  • John Cena has accomplished almost everything and faced almost all wrestling superstars like Randy Orton and Miz several times, recently The Rock. If he wants to do it again, people including me feel bore. Therefore he needs to focus on new goals for example starting feud with talented wrestling superstars Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry but i don't prefer Wade Barrett.

    • Marc

      The main problem I have with Cena is he is not helping to elevate the younger stars, like what Orton is doing right now. Look at Orton, he has helped Ziggler, Rhodes, Barrett, Henry, Christian, all those guys to higher status in the WWE. While you look at Cena, who has he helped elevate? Maybe only Ryder and Miz??? Look at the matches against Del Rio, absolutely buried that guy, to make him look so weak. He has so many chances to help the younger workers such as Ziggler, Riley, ….. but bcos of not damaging his status as the FACE of the WWE, he cant lose or has limited ring ability to help them. This really sickens ME!!!

      • Frenchfry

        oh who cares, get over it

      • Patrick_Peralta

        Don't forget while Cena can and should help elevate youger guys.. bottom line it is that Vince has final say and if Vince feels Orton is helping those same guys then Cena doesn't need to do that. Yes it is wrong but It's Vince's company and he has final say even if Cena wanted to help Elevate them and told Vince, Vince could still Say NO.

        What Orton is doing is the right thing and he is at the point in his career that it won't damage his status in the company. Cena is different because he is in the same postion Hogan was in "Untouchable". Vince never turned Hogan heel and Hogan was much like Cena during Hogan's first run with the company Fans were tired of Hogan.

        I think Foley is right when he said "the people who hated him would start to hate him less, and he would also lose the very very real love that part of the audience has for him."

  • TheDarkPlumber

    And honestly, I really like this new angle with Cena, where he has so many oppurtunities to turn heel that it actually causes him mental pain to stay face. All the people who want so desperately to turn him heel are thinking "is this it? Is this what finally pushes him?" If they don't think that, I at least hope they appreciate that his character on Raw last week, where he gave up an opportunity at the title to put his good buddy Zach over right after taking the chance away from him was incredibly compelling and added much more depth to Cena's character. I hear the main complaint against Cena is that he's stale, but lately he's seemed much more interesting. If they can keep making Cena's character struggling to remain clean and face at personal expense to his mental wellness I think I'll be okay.