Mick Foley Mentions Real-Life Relationship Of Dolph Ziggler, WWE's Return To Columbus, What JR Did After Jerry Returned

- Mick Foley made reference to Dolph Ziggler's ex-girlfriend, comedian Amy Schumer, on this week's WWE Raw. The comments spilled over to Twitter:

- WWE will return to the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio for Raw on Monday, April 29, 2013. The presale password to obtain tickets is WWERAW.

- Jim Ross noted on Twitter after he welcomed Jerry Lawler back on WWE Raw he watched the rest of the show backstage with producer Road Dogg.

  • Ricky

    Am I the only one who things they should do Jr/King for an hour, King/Cole for an hour and JR/Cole for an hour?

    • Ken

      Well, the WWE already copied/stole the TNA review at the start of the show concept, they might as well steal the concept of switching announce teams part way through the show from TNA as well.

      • Wate Incy

        u mean like tna just stole wcw announce team ideal??? which wcw got bought out by wwe sooo in actuality tna stole wwe announce team ideal???

  • 1-800-NWO-0242

    What a shame… JR deserves to be out there with Cole and Lawler.


    I luv her, hot and hilarious

  • _JIM_

    Great to have King back on announce, but it sucks that getting him back cost us J.R.. I wish that WWE would got with a 3 man team on Raw and have J.R., King, and Cole every week. I could do without Cole, but he is the guy right now so we have to deal with him, but that doesn't mean that WWE has to not use the greatest commentator of all time. It just seems like such a waste to me for them not to be using J.R. while he is still able and willing to work. Doesn't make sense to me.