Mick Foley Felt Like Triple H Was Talking About Him On WWE Raw

Mick Foley, who doesn't have a good real-life relationship with Triple H, Tweeted the following during Hunter's promo on this week's WWE Raw:



For those wondering why their relationship isn't the best, I'm told Hunter has never seen Foley as a "star" and as a result buries him every chance he gets. In fact, Triple H was even believed to have slowed Foley's return to WWE.

  • William Shatner

    I'm pretty sure there are several other wrestlers who'd fit the bill besides Mick. Just saying.

  • CrankyVince

    Triple H might be turning into ass much of an asshole as Vincent then…

  • Coops

    I don’t understand Hunter’s problem with Foley. It’s constantly drummed into workers that the business is a BUSINESS. Personal feelings, look and even (let’s be honest) ring work can be overlooked as long as you draw. Foley drew money and was over with the fans. He’s had some classic matches with some current and future HOF’ers.

  • yep

    It did seen like he was crapping on a lot of wrestlers. Honestly id be ok if he retired already.

  • Hunter Red

    Odd, I thought HHH was referring to Ric Flair in his promo. Especially the part where he refferred to a guy not being able to do anything other than wrestle.

    • Moose666

      Yeah and the remark about wrestling for anyone who would sign a check.

    • Wainwright

      I immediately thought of Flair when he said that!!

  • David

    I thought he was refering to Hulk Hogan.

  • Moose666

    A better example of hanging around too long is his good friend Ric Flair.

  • Nostaljack

    I thought Flair and Hogan too. Foley couldn't have been further from my mind, actually.

  • Ricky Valdez

    HHH was just trying to say that it’s better to retire when it’s time rather than to hold on and not be as good as he use to be. HHH made the right call to retire, he knows it’s time, done all there is to do. I thought of terry funk when he was saying he doesn’t want to hang around just to hang around. HHH did not mean any disrespect to any former wrestlers he was just saying that’s not what he wants to happen to him, better to step away when it’s time.

  • B

    Wasn’t Foley the one who put HHH over for his first championship after Austin didn’t want to back at Summerslam ’99?

  • BigB1

    Wasn't Foley the one who put HHH over back at SummerSlam '99 after Austin didn't want to? I think that he owes Foley a lot.