Mick Foley - "I've Never Been So Disgusted With A PPV"

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Mick Foley Tweeted the following after Royal Rumble concluded:

  • kingdook24


  • Radical Rex

    Can’t really argue with him. The crowd reaction should speak for itself. At this point, I’m starting to think the powers that be really DO want to burry Daniel Bryan.

    On the bright side, he and Bray had a great match tonight. As JBL said, they stole the show.

    • Draven

      It was crazy how much the crowd wanted bryan in the title match and the rumble match. I actually felt bad for mysterio for having to come out at #30 and not bryan the crowd was so pissed.

      • Radical Rex

        Yeah, they should have at least put a heel in the #30 spot. They should have known damn well that the crowd would want Bryan, so if they weren’t going to give them Bryan, at least make the person who takes the boos someone that you want to be booed. You know Rey had to be dreading coming out with the crowd hot for D-Bry.

  • David F

    I bet Bret Hart would give this rumble a 4/10

  • Ashley

    Ditto Mick

  • Venom

    At this point I wouldn’t mind if they put Cena in the #30 spot so he can get even louder boos. I know in the title match but in the past when the rumble was the main event they had both WHC and WWE title match losers in the rumble.

    Seriously they should stop putting jobbers or non makeshift tag teams in the rumble. We know none of the Usos will win it. Unless an underdog like Miz, Kofi or even Fandango win it i don’t see the point. And stop giving an announcer the spot it’s pointless. Yes El Torito and Santino and even Rocardo a few years ago were fun to watch but either change it back to 40 guys or stop wasting spots on an announcer.

    • Mysterion

      “Change it back to 40 guys”… You know that was a one off. They haven’t changed it to 30.

  • stoney

    Daniel Bryan Vs Bray Wyatt was the PPVs only saving grace

  • Mike H. from Indiana

    I agree with EVERY WORD that Mick Foley said. Worst use of paid time off EVER. Had I known that this show was going to suck that hard, I would have gone into work.

    • Gary Robert

      Why wouldn’t you just record it? Its bad enough I spend $50+ a month on these things but I’d never actually take off from work to watch one.

      • Jack ‘Tristeza’ Hughes

        As he said, it was paid time off.

        • Gary Robert

          Oh yeah, good point. Didn’t realize that. That being said, he still apparently took off from work and wasted a “sick day” or “vacation” day for it, haha.

  • Dave

    I have a thought, is Vince holding Bryan back deliberately to frustrate the audience? I mean Vince is a smart man, I think this is all a work to create hype for a Wresltemania match, Vince isn’t stupid enough to ignore that.

    Have Bryan go over at elimination chamber and you could have a triple threat match at WMXXX, the roof will explode when he wins, think about it.

    Bryan = Money

    Vince + Money= Very happy Vince

    • Bob’s Diner

      The fact is, Vince is barley in charge now. Triple H is running the show and the Royal Rumble proved it

  • Dustyn

    This sums it up….

  • Matt

    He’s so right. This was a big F U to all the fans.

  • K!NG

    Bray wyatt and roman reigns are the big winners of the night. Someone let me know when reigns reaches the moon. He has a rocket on his back.

  • Shawn

    Daniel Bryan is not getting buried. I’m as big of a fan of his that you’ll get, but just remember, Daniel Bryan was in the title picture for 3 months at the end of last year. At least he was in a storyline with the Wyatts. Would you rather he would be in Punk’s spot with Kane? I don’t. He and Bray stole the show last night. I didn’t care about the Wyatts before this feud, but now I do. Because of Bryan and his work. He doesn’t always have to be in a title feud or chasing the title. People need to accept that it is WM season and the bigger names will make more money that Daniel Bryan, regardless what the IWC thinks. He will get his shot. Everyone in WWE knows he deserves it. Just be patient and his time will come to shine.

  • Reado

    Are WWE that stupid??? Surely the month that WWE Network comes out you put your most popular star on top, then more people might buy it. Or is that too logical?

  • Mandy

    This was WWE’s worst PPV ever!!! I’m sure they will attempt damage control on RAW tonight but like I said before they are testing the patience of fans