Mick Foley Discusses Whether He Will Ever Wrestle One More Match, Gives Advice To Dolph Ziggler

Mick Foley recently spoke with Arda Ocal about WWE 2K14, his passion for Santa Claus, and whether there's a small chance of having one more match. In addition, he gave some advice to Dolph Ziggler, who made a cameo, regarding Ziggler's frustration over his booking. The video is available at this link or embedded below:

  • Michael

    Mick could barely walk. We seen him Sunday at the Staples Center. His knees looked like they were hurting him big time.

    • BrooksOglesby

      He’s definitely got a limp to his walk. I really hope Mick starts DDP Yoga soon and I hope it helps his mobility. It’s definitely helped Jake Roberts and Scott Hall, so I have high hopes. I’m okay with him never bumping again (although I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing it, provided his body could take it), but I’d be thrilled to be able to report that his mobility has improved, or that he’s spending less time in pain.

      • Michael

        I agree. My little 4 year nephew told him that he see’s him on TV. I wish the Micker nothing but luck. He deserves to get his mobility back.

  • Guy Landau

    What thing were Ziggler and Mick talking about doing (the thing that made Mick’s daughter spit her food)? Surely it happened by now