Mick Foley Picks Terry Funk As Hall Of Fame Inductor

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Mick Foley says Terry Funk will be inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 6, 2013 from Madison Square Garden in New York City:


  • Kleck

    How rare it must be these days to see how much respect these two men have for each other. I’m happy to see Mick going in and hopefully Terry will accept.

  • Chris

    I’m actually glad he didn’t pick Undertaker, it would be odd to go against his gimmick and be human for a night. (Although I wouldn’t mind bringing the biker back.)

  • Dangerous Lee


  • Ricky

    I would be upset if it wasn’t The Funkster. Hopefully he will accept, if not I would be ok with either Edge or Rock doing it. Terry is my first choice though.