Mick Foley Pleads With WWE For A Good Elimination Chamber PPV

Mick Foley, who was a very outspoken critic about last month's Royal Rumble pay-per-view, has a message for WWE about Sunday night's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. You can read it below:


Please, please, please, please, have a great show tonight.

As a fan of pro-wrestling – have a great show.

As a father of four who has ordered every PPV for the past year – have a great show.

As the guy whose big Christmas present to his family was a family trip to New Orleans for Wrestlemania, even though he knew he wasn't likely to appear on the event – have a great show.

On behalf of all those other dads or moms who have done the same thing; spent considerable money on an event that thus far is not capturing our imaginations – have a great show.

As a Disney fan who wouldn't want to arrive at the Magic Kingdom just to find out all his favorite attractions were closed – have a great show.

As someone who still remembers how it felt to be 18 years old and see Jimmy Snuka dive off the top of the cage - to see the magic pro-wrestling was capable of creating - and knows you have the ability and personnel to make people feel that same magic - have a great show .

As the estranged son who still loves his WWE family, and, no matter what, in some strange way, always will – have a great show.


Mick Foley

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  • Snap

    The ball is in your court, WWE. Silence all our doubts and make the road to WrestleMania compelling and must see TV.

  • eskymi

    Well, if Randy Orton walks out champion, then no matter what happens before that, it’s a crummy show.

    No one really cares about Ryback, Axel and the Rhodes, or Titus and Darren, orBatista and Del Rio, or Swagger vs Big E. Basically the only matches that anyone will truly care about are Wyatts vs Shield and the Chamber match. Well I am sure the Wyatts will win or if they lose it’ll be by DQ so that one is shot. And that leaves the Chamber.

    If anyone other than Bryan wins, the show will be looked at as garbage. Does anyone want Chrisitan, Sheamus, Cena winning. Nope! A shocker would be Cesaro, but it’s too soon. So that leaves Orton vs Bryan and regardless of what people think, Orton is not that over. So that leaves Bryan. If he isn’t champion, the show will have failed.

    • Guy Landau

      I disagree. Orton winning only for Bryan to be later inserted into the ‘Mania match (making it a triple threat vs Batista & Orton) is fine by me as well. In fact, Bryan walking in to ‘Mania as opposed to out of it as champion will cheapen the feeling of the moment.

      • eskymi

        I agree if we are certain that Bryan will be put in the match, but I have a bad feeling that it won’t happen. I hope you might know something we don’t…hint hint….so if you are correct that Bryan will be put in a triple threat match, then I am ok with Orton walking out as champion. Cause I would rather see DB standing with the belt at the end of WM also.

        But fans of Bryan have seen so many times that he’s so close only to be pushed back, it’s hard to have confidence that WWE will put him in the WM match.

        • Ben

          The problem with the triple threat is it leaves Triple H with no opponent, unless of course CM Punk comes back. Since that’s extremely doubtful, to me the more logical solution is to have Kane cost Bryan the title tonight (like HBK did to Taker in 2010) and have Bryan talk his way into a match with Batista for his WM spot. Triple H interferes but accidentally hits Batista, causing him to lose and resulting in a Trips/Batista feud at Mania. Sets up another Bryan/Orton classic and Triple H is the ideal guy for Batista to get over against as a babyface.

          So of course, instead, we’ll get Batista/Orton and Triple H selfishly beating Bryan, because screw the fans.

          • Guy Landau

            How’s this to solve that issue?
            Orton vs. Batista vs. Bryan.
            Triple H vs. Cena
            Wyatts vs. Shield

        • opie

          And I feel comfortable saying there’s zero chance Bryan leaves WM as the champion. Batista is going to win. They’ll want the belt on him when he starts doing publicity for Guardians. I would rather see him kick the crap out of Triple H than get screwed out of the title again.

    • Ben

      Orton gets over against Bryan, but he’s just not that over otherwise. What makes it worse is Batista isn’t getting a reaction either and Del Rio’s not going to change that. I won’t say the show will be garbage if Bryan doesn’t win, but if he doesn’t, the fans will almost certainly crap on whoever wins, especially if Bryan is the last one pinned. Orton’s gotta be the favorite. Orton vs. Batista… disaster waiting to happen.

      • opie

        I upvoted, even though I hate absolutely everything you just said.

  • Scott Davies

    We all know that if Daniel Bryan does not win this match. Richard Gray will call it one of his controversial moments. When really its just his favourite wrestler not winning the big one.

    • Ben

      Bryan is the consensus favorite superstar in the WWE right now, period. He’s insanely over and if they continue to refuse to capitalize on that by giving him a protected run as a top guy, it deserves to be noted. Maybe not controversial, but it IS really stupid.

      • Scott Davies

        I mainly said this to get Richard going, cause it he has a funny high pitch voice when he gets angry over a bad ppv. I like the next guy would rather see Daniel Bryan walk out as Champion or at least make it look like he had a shot. To Mick Foley’s opinion in this I too would rather see a well done PPV, Cause the only one in the last 6 months was TLC. Plus with the launch of the WWE network. You don’t want a crappy show before hand.