Mick Foley Responds To Rumors Of Not Being Featured On Televised Hall Of Fame Ceremony

WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2013 inductee Mick Foley took to Facebook today to respond to rumors about not being on the televised broadcast of the Hall of Fame ceremony, in order to make room for Donald Trump. An excerpt is below:

SOMEONE NEEDS SOME CHEERING UP! Yeah, that someone is me. Looks like there is at least the possibility that my WWE HOF speech will not be aired on television - in favor of Donald Trump's speech. hopefully, it's just a rumor. If not, it does feel like a slap in the face, but, hey - it's not my company and not my decision to make. I'll just do the best I can, and try to find the guts, the pride and the testicular fortitude to deliver the best speech possible. I had some good stuff in my head a few days ago, but in light of that figurative slap to the Foley face, I may just get up there on stage and speak from the heart. Things just might get interesting!

In the meantime, I've got plenty of cool things going on to take my mind off this potential Trump debacle. You can check out my upcoming spoken-word/comedy dates on my website, and it's my intention to write a pretty extensive blog, thanking just about everyone I can think of for all the help I've received during the course of my career. I certainly didn't get to the WWE Hall of Fame in Madison Square Garden (even if it may be a DVD extra) without plenty of help.

He also spoke out on Twitter:

The 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will take place on Saturday from Madison Square Garden in New York City.

  • I can see the WWE doing this to boost the sales of the Wrestlemania DVD and Blu-Ray.

  • Dangerous Lee

    So he went from being the head of this years HOF to not even being featured on tv. Another slap in the face by Triple H…

  • StraightEdgeForLife

    This is honestly horrible. For Donald Trump?! Why, because Vince is the one inducting Donald? It’s truly a lack of respect and hopefully not the case!

  • The Breaker

    It is a disgrace if they are even putting this up for discussion.

  • JohnnyC

    Damn you and your ego HHH.

  • Kacie

    Thats why you need to buy the wrestlemania dvd when it comes out. You get to watch the ENTIRE HOF.

    • Kenneth

      As much as I like Mick his Hall of Fame speech wouldn’t be remotely enough to get me to buy a DVD of a WWE event I’d already watched on PPV. It’s debatable these days whether the WWE is worth paying for even once, let alone twice.

      The only way I’d ever buy the WM DVD is if I’d missed the show but even then I doubt I would. By the time the DVD was released storylines would have moved along on Raw and SD and I’d know all the results already.

      • Usually I’m not one to buy the PPV’s but recently I’ve gone and got WrestleMania 1,2 ,3, 4, 16 and 20 (They’re not easy to find over here, unless you go online but at least theyre cheap in store). I do plan on eventually getting all the WrestleMania’s just becuase its WrestleMania but I can’t see myself ever buying a PPV like Payback

    • AH the Hall of Fame ceremony isnt as good as it was when they use to let them give their speech for as long as they like

  • Winnipeg

    Does anyone know the beef HHH has?

    • IS it something to do with everyone crediting Mick for turning Triple H into a mega star in 2000 an Triple H believes he was one before his feud with Foley. Something to do with Triple H not giving Foley the credit he deserves for that feud anyway I’m pretty sure.
      Or maybe Triple H has a beef because Foley’s last match was suppose to be against him, and well we know what happened there.

  • Gage

    Soooo tweeting Vince Mcmahon about this

    • Kenneth

      I’m sure he’ll care.

      • Gage

        lel, still done it :L

  • BobCobb

    This is very insulting to mick. He really is a hall of famer and deserves the recognition. I will boycott wrestlemania this year if he gets bumped.

    • Kenneth

      No you won’t. Don’t be silly.

      At best you’ll not watch the HoF ceremony in a sulk but if you’d already planned on buying Wrestlemania you still will.

      • Rich

        I’ve seen a few if your replies kenneth and how dare you tell people what they will do? I’d boycott if I was a big foley fan, stop using people’s views to be self indulgent.

        • Kenneth

          I dare because I can, and because a claim of boycotting the biggest pro wrestling show of the year just because of Mick Foley getting a little snub is one of the, if not the, most ridiculous claim I’ve seen posted by a visitor to this site. The sheer stupidity of the claim makes my response not only valid but necessary.

          If people are going to make ridiculous posts then I’m going to call them on it. It’s a public service I’m only too happy to provide.

  • Msuth

    It’s a work

  • _JIM_

    That is some messed up stuff. Mick has taken so many of these shots from the company over the years that one would think that maybe his HOF induction wouldn’t be used as a chance to get in one last shot. If this is true I won’t be watching the induction this year. What fan actually wants to see Trump over Mick Foley?

  • David F

    Trump better prepare himself for huge We Want Foley! chants at MSG