Mick Foley Returning To Raw To Choose Final Member Of Team Foley

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In the wake of Ryback's departure from Team Foley, Mick Foley posted the following on his Facebook page:

Heading back to #RAW on Monday to pick the final member of #TeamFoley. Feel free to give me your suggestions.

WWE Survivor Series 2012 will take place Sunday, November 18, 2012 from the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • Tyler Bowles

    We can leave suggestions all we want, it won’t be up to us. It will be up to Vince.

    • aseem


  • The Breaker

    I have a feeling it will be The Miz. Looks like he's headed for a face turn.

  • Dougan83

    Excuse my naivity,
    But am sensing a Rocky based PPV!

    Returns as part of team Foley as the opening event, main event costs Punk the title and allows punk to drop to Cena for the RR triple threat!

  • lloyd Clarke


  • ben


  • Bill


  • Dave Barton

    Dominic DeNucci.

  • Kleck

    I do not have high hopes for this PPV. I’m sorry, but it’s just too close to HIAC. Added that they cannot build the PPV properly because of the international tour.

  • Steve

    Punk will drop the belt at SS, just one day short of 1 year reign. No better way to set up match with The Rock than him costing Punk that milestone.

  • Stefon

    I would say the miz. despite being dropkicked by kofi kingston after losing the IC title, he should be giving a chance to "see the light"

  • JasonGaza

    Punk wont drop the belt, you’ve seen how powerful he became in the wwe? Thats why wwe wants a icon like The Rock to end it. And i think Mick will add Mark Henry to the team

  • neilthaheel

    deuce 'n' domino . . . . ooh OUI

  • Moe

    As much as I dont want it to be, I have a feeling it's going to be Brodus Clay, given the recent feud with Wade Barrett maybe.

  • Andrew

    It’s all set for the rock’s return

  • Theguy

    Undertaker so SS buyrates go up high! Swagger because he feuded with Ziggles or Mark Henry and Christian for relevance purposes.

  • PhilT81

    We definitely need a Doink – or even a whole team of them at Survivor Series.

  • Chris Corkhill

    I just hope it’s not somebody stupid like Ryder or santino it will just ruin what is already set up to be a train wreck. I just hope big vinnie has a big plan set for SS and not what it looks like on paper

  • Livhay

    Jericho wld be perfect 😀



  • javis

    john cena