Mick Foley Says He'll Be On 1000th Raw

Mick Foley announced on Twitter Monday night that he'll be on the 1000th episode of Raw. The following is his official Tweet:

Foley joins The Rock, Bret Hart, D-Generation X and Brock Lesnar as stars have announced they'll be on the 1000th Raw on July 23, 2012.

  • Kleck

    The Rock and Sock Connection reunite!

  • Tna

    Wow huge show so far ,I reckon they’ll have a wwe championship match too ..cant wait !!

  • Pizzaman

    Rock and sock back together plz just for one night

  • christopher525

    Please make Foley the GM of at least one show.

    • Callum

      He was where were you about 3 weeks ago!

  • Travis

    What about THE UNDERTAKER?

    • Miles

      Vs Foley???? Doubt it