Mick Foley Says There Was Too Much Risk In Zack Ryder's Bump Off The Ramp

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- The following is from the official Twitter account of Mick Foley:

  • sforester

    Yowch. Considering Foley went off the Cell and through the Cell on multiple occasions, when he says that something was too much, it's really bad.

  • Maz

    Foley just don’t want anyone to take his place as the risk taker

    • Professor Rick Craig

      Yeah…that's it, Maz. Geez.

    • @jblack424

      If you think foley cares about risk takers your wrong. Foley put his body on the line more than anyone. Jeff hardy is up there but foley never ruined an event relating to drugs. That fall looked nasty and most depends on how hard surface he fell on is. I seen his ankle turn nasty. Ryder is no where near foley in risk taking. Line in my hometown in front of myt eyes and if you watched live and seen how far he fell its crazy. Plus went through the top. I remember asking my dad all night is he ok. I honestly as a kid 8 9 can’t fully remember my age but I thought he was gonna die and when he didn’t I was a huge fan.

      • Professor Rick Craig

        Maybe you should hook up with Maz. {shaking my head}

    • XKonn247

      You must have a low expectation towards the sincerity of humanity huh?

  • RatedMKD

    Completely agree with Foley. That was a scary moment. I don’t know where this is going, but if Ryder’s not handsomely rewarded with a strong push when he’s “cleared to compete” again, I won’t be pleased…

  • gpturbo81

    i especially love how cena threw up the "x" way to give it away john

  • Chris_Storm

    To be fair, isn't Foley under a Legends contract? If so, that could've easily been a worked-shoot-comment. Anyone else notice the prepared heavy padding, that was covered with carpet to initially land on? The second part of the bump is what looked pretty nasty to me though, I don't think the carpet reached quite far enough to be honest.

  • Jim P

    It looked nasty, to be sure. The brace he was wearing also looked like it could have prevented him from better positioning himself for the fall. Also, it looked like his leg buckled under the chair a bit and if that was the case, padding the floor wouldn't do a whole lot of good. I happen to be in a wheelchair myself, and I can tell you that a personal-use chair is lightweight, but those bulkier, hospital-chairs can weigh fifty or sixty pounds pretty easily. That might not sound like very much, but if it comes down on your awkwardly-extended leg, it's going to hurt.

  • Shackanory

    @Chris_Storm. The paddings always there. It's not the height he fell from that's got everyone worried, it's the way he landed.

    • Razmos01

      The padding is not always there, del rio drives his car in pretty smoothly when hes been on tv. Any bumps of padding would botch his entrance, storm was right there was major padding and did no one see the big white square drawn out on the padding to show kane where to push him

  • monty

    that was a nasty fall no doubt but if you look at foley's career than you know what nasty falls are all about. but if foley is worried than there must be something to it since he is the king of hardcore

  • paulw3000

    I may be wrong but if there was padding it wasn’t alot and didn’t break his fall at all… And in regards to the ‘x’ its pretty common knowledge what it means now…

    • Mike

      Personally I think they've written the X sign into the overall mythology now, and have done for a long time, and add it to situations where it's not actually needed. For truly serious situatins, like the X used to be used for, the refs probably just use their earpiece things or something, and keep it all off camera.

  • Wwe4L76

    Stupid… Even I could do that stunt

    • Jim P

      Pretty much anybody could do pretty much any stunt… ONCE…

    • mike

      you're wrong that was very dangerous

  • Lenny

    Scary or not that was one of the funniest things I’ve seen on Raw in a while! How about when they showed it in slow motion? LOL!!! Picture Vince McMahon saying, “UN-BE-LEVABLE WHAT A RIDE!” Hahahahahahaha Kane effin pwns!

  • BIGRAN77741

    I had an attitude era kodack moment

  • Maz

    I think Ryder is the new hardcore legend
    From this day forward

  • Dangerous Lee

    That fall didn’t seem as bad as the chokeslam he took from Taker off the apron and through a table at one night stand 2008. it was like the table wasn’t even there.

  • JP_Killings

    It was just a average fall which a 14 year old could of handled and been fine, and whys is St Nick complaining about that when thumb tack look more dangerous then a little fall..

    • Bob

      As it was stated before it’s how he landed and what landed on him.

  • Pray_4_Zac_Ryder

    Zac is seriously hurt, after what Kane put him through, then last night, it’s a wonder if he can still wrestle!! Y’all saying its a funny thing is pathetic. I’m an EMS worker and that stuff (fake or not) causes serious injury. Especially the way he landed.