Mick Foley Talks Problems With WWE, Thanks His Former Employer

Mick Foley thanked WWE in a new Facebook post where he talked about issues between the two parties since his departure. The following is from Facebook:

  • Dave Barton

    Not sure what Mick is talking about with Barrett. The WWE channel on YouTube put that clip up 3 days after it happened and specifically mentions in the title that it was in tribute to Foley. Although the announcers didn’t mention him by name, so maybe that was his beef…


    • Stevie Klaus

      Mick made the comment after RAW went off the air…I remember reading it that night. He comes off though like a cry baby in his posts.

  • Pauluk

    Mick foley is Whiney little bitch these days, I used to have so much respect for him but now I’m glad he isn’t signed to a new legends contract because I don’t have to see him on my tv anymore.