Mick Foley Thanks WWE, Jim Ross On The Booking Of Daniel Bryan

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Mick Foley Thanks WWE

WWE's decision to go "all in" on Daniel Bryan pleased Mick Foley and he's penned a letter thanking them.

Dear WWE,

Thank you.

If you knew from the begginning what a super hot heel a win at the Royal Rumble would make Dave Batista, then you were smarter than all of us.

If you didn't know, and were then forced to adap to a unique set of cirumstances that the backlash from the Rumble provided, then you adapted very well.

With one outstanding Raw, you've got me, and millions of fans around the world excited about the biggest showcase in our business, and I'm thrilled to be going.

When I expressed concern after the Rumble, you told me not to judge a book by its cover. I came darn close to just putting that book back on the shelf, but it now looks like the final few chapters are going to turn into a captivating page-turner.

Click here to read the piece in its entirety.

JR on Daniel Bryan

Jim Ross posted his Raw thoughts, where he put over WWE for their booking of Daniel Bryan but in a different manner.

Daniel Bryan had another terrific night and WWE is booking DB expertly even though some critics will micro analyze the storyline and find fault with it because that's simply what they do.

As I have said for many weeks, I fully expect Daniel Bryan to have a significant "WrestleMania Moment" in NOLA on April 6.

Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety but please also sauce it.

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  • jdl

    I expect DB to have a significant WrestleMania moment too, he’ll take more finishers than anyone has in a match before ending the PPV in a mangled heap in the ground. Rather not see it that way, but given how things have gone the last seven months, I don’t see how it could turn out any other way.

    • Bob’s Diner

      I’m expecting a ‘big swerve’ in that big Dave actually came back to protect Randy Orton and Evolution will officially reform in the main event… I can’t see HHH losing earlier in the night to not get involved in the main event

      • Bob’s Diner

        Oh yay – Jay El Bee is back doing his hilarious gimmick. It is so funny and entertaining

  • Bob’s Diner

    Hahaha I love the “booking expertly” – they got lucky and it is a testament to Daniel Bryan, not WWE, that he is still as over as he is.

    This is also a big nod to the fans that have been going to the shows and ‘hijacking’ as people like to call it – if they had kept their mouths shut and gone along with things like people think they should have, Daniel Bryan would probably be facing Kane at WrestleMania while we got an Evolution triple threat main event or something.

  • Padres4life

    does anyone think this was the actual plan? because a part of me thinks that they brought Batista back because Orton was failing big time…..Batista acted like a heel at the Rumble, is that just him being him ? or was he told to act that way? because he was a heel right away.

    • No, I absolutely don’t.

    • Bob’s Diner

      To answer your questions in order:
      No. No way at all.
      Yes, that is him because he is a jerk that thinks he is the greatest gift to wrestling.
      No, from what I’ve read they weren’t happy about how he acted after winning the Rumble. And if it was planned they would have shown it on TV instead of quickly ending the show with all the booing.

  • Dude Love

    Uh, why do people enjoy that talentless garden gnome so much? His matches only consist of weak kicks, flying headbutts, and a horrid running knee. The Yes Movement has run its course, and it is time for LEGITAMATE stars to get an opportunity like Roman Reigns or Dolph Ziggler. Y’know, guys with actual talent! Daniel Bryan is annoying and I hope to god that he doesn’t win both his matches at mania. What a slap in the face that would be to the wrestlers that paved the way for him! He is beyond overrated. If it was not for his lame and childish yes chant, he would get no reaction at all. Plain and simple, he DOES NOT DESERVE this golden opportunity. I know I am not the only one who holds this opinion. Just look at the youtube comments for any recent Daniel Bryan video, and I dare you to tell me otherwise. If he beats two legends at mania, I’m throwing in the proverbial towel. WWE would be dead to me.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Roman Reigns – legitimate star? Actual talent?

      Randy Orton and Batista – “two legends”?

      Put down the crackpipe, son…

      • Lebron James

        Orton is a legend, I don’t think it’s debatable. Batistia, meh, an argument can be made from an accomplishments standpoint. Roman Reigns is a legit star…in the making. And yes, he’s an actual talent. I disagree with everything dude love said, but don’t discredit those guys.

        • Bob’s Diner

          The only thing legendary about Orton is his backstage behaviour. Batista is even more laughable – he had a relatively short career, never had any great matches that anyone remembers and seems to think he was the equivalent of Steve Austin, when he was probably the number 3 guy during his era.

          Roman Reigns is not a legitimate star. He is a star in the making, perhaps, but he is a long way from being a star. And as for talent, he is still yet to show me anything in a singles match aside from a spear and a flying punch.

    • Mysterion

      Do us all a favor and throw the towel in now. You are exceedingly wrong. Who gives a hot damn what youtube commenters think? They invented the Hitler algorithm! LISTEN to the arenas and it’s safe to say you ARE the only one.

    • David C

      Roman Reigns is far inferior on every level except look.

      He has 4 moves (that he times well) but that is essentially all. They are spots and have been perfect to get him through on the hot tags. Look at his singles matches and you’ll see he needs more experience.

      Daniel Bryan however is easily one of the BEST wrestlers in the world and your examples of what he does in the ring is just a minor percentage of what he can do in there.

      The moves he uses as signatures are there for the memorable moments that the audience recognise as him coming back on top and getting in control. Go watch his matches on youtube from RoH and you’ll see he’s far superior to 98% of the locker room.

      If you happen to quit watching wrestling and supporting absolute wastes of time like Batista then the WWE could become a better place.

  • Xavier

    Hey Richard, if you wanna talk about someone drilling all over another person then look no further then Mick Foley.

  • Lebron James

    I agree completely with Mick Foley’s sentiments. The exciting part is nobody knows for sure what will happen at ‘Mania with Bryan. Knowing the WWE, they’d probably bury him to Hunter, or let him get to the Main Event just to get screwed again. For once, I’m actually happy I don’t know what will happen. Count me in for buying Wrestlemania.