Mick Foley The WWE Saturday Morning Slam General Manager

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Mick Foley was announced as the General Manager of WWE Saturday Morning Slam on this week's show, concluding a three week promotional block of the series.

This week's episode was taped on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 in Oklahoma City.

We are currently seeking one motivated individual to provide weekly recaps of WWE Main Event and WWE Saturday Morning Slam.  The position includes a free WNW Premium account as compensation.  If interested, please send a sample of your work along with your name, location and age to me at richard [at] grayinternet.com.

  • Kenneth

    Is Saturday Morning Slam worth watching? Or is it a crappy kid’s show?

    • cobra

      It’s the best half hour of WWE on TV right now. Ok, so it’s G-Rated and so over the top, but you have no commercials for movies, no replays from Raw. It’s over the top, but very enjoyable. But I grew up on wrestling shows like this, since I started watching wrestling as a little kid during Hulkamania.