Mick Foley Walks Out Of Interview After Host Laughs At His Infamous Hardcore Moments

Mick Foley was being interviewed on 6PR 882 News Talk out of Perth, Australia when he abruptly walked out. He was discussing his wrestling career when the host began calling some of his infamous hardcore spots humorous. Foley disagreed, but the host continued to characterize spots such as the flaming table spot at WrestleMania 22 as "funny." Foley then cut the interview short and left the interview. The hosts speculated that he may have been joking, but you can decide for yourself. Foley responded to the incident on Twitter:

Click here to listen to the full interview.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Jordan for sending this in.

  • The Breaker

    Foley is obviously very in touch with his comical side, and completely embraces it. But I’m pretty sure he wasn’t going for a laugh or cheap pop whenever he put his body and life on the line as he did his entire career. It isn’t very hard to imagine that he was a little miffed at the host’s attitude.

    Oh, and the Curb Your Enthusiasm quote was perfectly placed.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Foley should have put him through a flaming table, then tell him it was “funny”.

  • Should have used the mandible claw !

  • Apparently some think wrestling is a joke and the tables, chairs, and cages are padded or fake! When someone tells me how fake it is, I just tell them to hop in the ring and do it if it’s so fake! There is a difference between fake and scripted. The story lines are scripted, but the matches are very much real.

    • Jimmy

      The matches are very much scripted aswell but the moves and weapons are real (except the punches)

      • Matches = storyline

        • offended

          well then if they equal to storylines they are fake, since you said the story lines are fake.

  • David

    i live in perth and that guy on the radio is a douchbag, foley did the right thing

  • Streamz

    Even though he walked out, he almost made it seem as though it was a planned spot when he sarcastically laughed along with the host and then took his leave. The host was a complete d***head though. Can’t wait to see you in Sydney Mick!

  • Michael

    Good for Foley, you don’t disrespect a legend. Mick is a legend a hall a famer he deserves to be taken seriously. Foley has done a lot for this business, he’s put his body on the line for the fans and nobody should degrade him ever.

  • Walks out…Devon!!! Get me some f*****g tables!!!

  • Kris Mystery

    Foley should have been more professional than that. Defend yourself and your “sport”. Don’t walk out because by doing so it looks like you don’t have an argument therefore making that douchebag “reporter” the winner.

    • WrestlingFan4Life

      I’m thinking Foley did the guy a favor by walking out. I’m betting that if Foley had stayed another minute, he would have put him through a table, after he put him down with the madible claw.

  • Rosie

    Good for him. The reporter clearly doesn’t “get” it and had no business interviewing Foley.

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    Mick Foley could take this guy to the cleaners without even breaking a sweat. I agree with Dangerous Lee; Foley should have lit a table on fire and put this guy through it. I’ll bet this guy wouldn’t have thought it so funny then.

  • Jimmy

    Mick had every right to walk out on the guy but all you guys are being childish wrestling fans saying Mick would have put him through a table. This is real life and Mick Foley is an adult, he ain’t doing none of that.

  • -|AZ|-

    Foley to the reporter: If you’re not down with dat, I’ve got 2 words for ya’… “SOCK” IT!!!