What Was Mick Foley’s Reaction To WWE Elimination Chamber?

Mick Foley wrote WWE a letter where he pleaded for a good Elimination Chamber pay-per-view on Sunday night. So what did he think of the show? The following is from Twitter:

Obviously, Foley is not a fan of Randy Orton vs. Batista for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XXX. It’s a match the company is going to have a hard time pulling off, especially since they can’t get Batista over as a babyface against Alberto Del Rio (of all people) even after a cheap heel beatdown.

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  • Vic Jose

    I agree with Foley

  • http://wrestlingnewsworld.com/ Theophilus McFadden

    Orton vs Batista at WM? Really? How weak is that? Batista isn’t over. Why waste time with this on the biggest event of the year?

    • GOR

      coz he’s buddies with the new boss guy !

  • DW

    I couldn’t understand why it seemed like so many people wanted Batista back. I was never a big Batista guy! But Wyatt vs Shield was amazing!!!!!! Wrestlmania quality. They can build that feud with a rematch and a shield win! The. Have a TLC match at mania!

  • Xavier

    Cry me a freaking river Foley, quit trying to leave vicariously thru Bryan. Yes Bryan going over would of been great but it was still a really good PPV. Way to act like the Wyatts/Shield match didn’t happen Mr. Foley, Bryan isn’t the whole show

    • Snap

      He’s entitled to his opinion. Agree to disagree.

      • Xavier

        I agree, and I’m entitled too mine as well.

    • jblack424

      Foley has had a greater career than bryan. So he isn’t living vicariously through bryan but just wanting ppl to get what they want to see. Also because of the wwe network ppl are still going to watch wrestlemania so wwe doesn’t care if ppl are into Batista vs orton cause you’ll all (including me) will watch anyway.

    • BIG M

      Take it Easy mate Foley’s just working.

    • Venom

      I’ve kind of come to the conclusion you enjoy being the odd man out. If everyone is hating on Cena you’ll try to convince them and yourself that he’s gods gift to wrestling. If Foley and the rest of the fans want Bryan to be in the title picture you have to go against them. Just saying…

      • Xavier

        Nope not at all, I just know how to use facts & logic. And when did I say I was going against Bryan or when have I stated as such? If you have paid attention too any of my post from the last several months (which you haven’t) you would know that II’ve been telling anyone who would listen that Bryan should go over Lesnar for the title at Mania. But why trash an entire PPV just over one guy? Again see how I use logic there. Bryan wasn’t the only guy wrestling tonight, again another fact based in logic. Shield vs The Wyatts was great. The Chamber match was still very good. And the IC match between Big E & Swagger was actually good as well. So how was this a bad show?

        • Venom

          It wasn’t a bad show. But we can say the same about the last 2 royal rumbles. The last 2 rumbles were exciting but had crappy winners. So fans booed the heck out of it. Same with to tonight’s show. I enjoyed the chamber but again a crappy ending. It’s kind of like a movie. It can be amazing from the beginning up util befor ethe ending. If the ending sucks the movie will be crapped on by critics. Why else do the paranormal activity movie get all the hypes. The movies are always slow and boring but the best part is the last 10 minutes of it.

          • Xavier

            All the Paranormal movies are exactly the same. If you’ve seen the 1st one you’ve seen them all.

            And again any smark who hasn’t been living under a rock for the last month could of saw this ending coming from a mile away. I mean really, not only did Richard report what the title match at Mania was going to be but so did every other dirt sheet pretty much. So why get upset about it now when the top 3 or 4 matches at Mania have been written in stone for weeks. Again it’s not trying to be a odd ball, it’s about thinking Independently and not just repeating the typical IWC bull**** that gets repeated over & over again and instead using the logic & common sense that the good lord gave me. Did you not know in advance that Batista/Orton was basically written in stone before tonight?

          • Venom

            Of course I knew it was written in advance. Everybody knew. I’m sure Foley did too. However, common sense says if the fans don’t want to see it and are crystal clear about it since royal rumble then plans should change. Why else are some of the sites are thinking maybe Bryan will face Kane or Triple H at mania with the stipulation if he wins he’ll be added to the main event to save it? Personally the evil in me wants to see Batista vs Orton in the main event. Besides I think majority of fans enjoy the hijacking aspect of the show then just watching a match.

          • Xavier

            That’s my point. Why are people (including Foley) acting so surprised that Orton won here. Anybody with a brain knew going in that Bryan wasn’t going to win and that Orton would retain last night. So why watch the show if you didn’t wanna see Orton win? Like I said, people can be upset about last night’s ending but nobody forced them to watch the show, they made that decision themselves knowing the outcome. It’s like the guy spilling coffee on himself then trying to sue McDonalds because the coffee was to hot, even when the label on the cup warns you that the coffee is hot. Same thing applies here, Richard reported weeks ago that Orton & Batista would be the title match at Mania so to go into EC expecting anything different is only setting yourself for disappointment

            And sure people can hijack the show all they want but I think we all know that it won’t change anything. Smarks already tried that at the Rumble and look we are still getting Batista/Orton. If this so-called YES movement is too be taking seriously then people really need to come up with a original idea on how to get Vince’s attention because if recent history has shown hijacking isn’t the answer

          • Venom

            I think people thought they would change the plans. WWE can change plans you know. Injuries happen so they change plans. Dolph Ziggler was set for a push but change of plans cause of attitude. Tensai was supposed to get a push beating Cena, Punk, and I think Sheamus but he didn’t get over so there were change of plans. Nothing is set in stone. Most likely the next step is throwing trash in the ring which I wouldn’t condone or literally leaving the arena to avoid seeing a match nobody gives a crap about seeing.

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        No he’s setting them straight, theres a difference, people are hating on Cena when he doesn’t deserve it, and Foley is just getting annoying with his rants, we all want Bryan to be in the title picture, and HE WILL BE, did people ever get up set about it 5, 10 years ago? No.

        • Xavier

          He hates Cena because Cena fandangod for 5 seconds and we all know that’s the ultimate sin. Venom will tell anyone who will listen that everything that bad that happens in the world is Cena’s fault, case in point like right now. Foley’s post or my reply too it had no mention of Cena but he still finds ways to bring Cena into it and bash him, just wait, he’ll find a way to blame Cena for everything he iddn’t like about last night’s PPV. Just wait it’s like clock work lol. He even found fault in Cena putting Bryan over clean at Summerslam. It doesn’t count in his eyes b/c he didn’t like Cena’s opening promo and probably thinks that Cena subliminally buried Bryan, Cena must have offended him by the way he handed Bryan the mic after putting him over on it.

          It’s not just Foley it’s his son that does it too. It almost seems like Foley is trying to attach his name to Bryan so he can try and stay relevant. It’s beyond lame at this point

          • Venom

            First of all I don’t hate Cena. I’ve stated countless times I respect his work ethic. I only mentioned you defending Cena as as an example that I think you love being the odd ball in a debate. I know people like that in real life. But I still respect that you do seem to have knowledge of events dating back to the 69s. Besides someone has already posted about Cena not putting over anybody last night and making someone not like Cesaro tap out after beating him clean last week. The only person he lost to was the champion who didn’t need to pin him.

            The Fandango thing I just found annoying in that he’ll do anything to get a pop from the crowd. And yeah most people that lose matches especially the championship should lose with grace. Not get back up and congratulate their opponent.

            Either way I don’t think they should insert Bryan in the main event. It reminds me when Rey Mysterio lost his title shot to Randy Orton and then Teddy Long inserted him back in. Just cheapens the whole thing.

      • BlazeKing

        May I ask out of all the names you could have picked, why Cena’s? Is he like the “goto” guy to blames all of WWE’s problems on or something?

        • Venom

          Simple. I was referring to Xavier being the odd man out. Think of Cartman on south park if you watch he always has to be the opposite everyone else. So I referenced the Cena topic cause while I’ve been a reader of the site for years I only started reading and posting the past few months and it was the Cena topics. Last nights show had nothing to do with Cena. Honestly he was really a background player in the build to the pay preview.

    • Judas

      He actually did comment on the Shield/Wyatts match, and said it was epic. But, don’t let that stop you from getting on your soap box and telling us all how we are wrong in feeling let down for the ending.

      • Xavier

        When did I tell you or anyone else that they were wrong for how they feel? That’s nowhere to be found in my post above.

        • Tomas

          You just said Foley was wrong for how he feels. B*tched about him expressing himself. Made a real jerk of yourself doing it too.

          • Xavier

            Look at you Mr. keyboard warrior, talking trash behind a fake Disqus. Again, where in my post did I say Foley was wrong? I’m assuming you can’t read very well b/c I never said anything about Foley being wrong. And remember, reading is fundamental.

  • Bryan

    The fans obviously dont care about Orton or Batista. I shouldnt say all of the fans, but definitely most. Imagine Bryan in the main event at WM and winning the title. 80,000 people chanting YES! YES! YES! as the PPV goes off the air. That would be a defining moment in WWE, and thats what everybody wants. I guess we should wait to see how this all plays out on Raw, maybe there is something planned for the big picture of things. But for the past few months the WWE has blatantly ignored the fans.

  • Venom

    Are these plants or real fan reactions? I have a tough time believing a grown woman would have tears for a guy losing a match. Regardless this, like the royal rumble, wasn’t the wrestlemania/post wrestlemania raw crowd. They’re the casual fans attending a ppv and know what they want.

    • BIG M

      I don’t think that girl was crying just rubbing something out of her eye.
      She looked more miffed than upset.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      They probably was real fan reactions, before the show started. This Foley ranting thing has got to be a work.

    • BlazeKing

      “Plants” are never in the risers. Always on the floor.

  • Charles

    Daniel Bryan getting screwed over. check.
    Cesaro tapping back to the mid-card. check.
    Super Cena putting over no one. check.
    Randy Orton looking hella lame retaining the title. check.
    Looks as if WWE is painting by numbers and heading towards one of the worst WrestleMania main events in history. Bautista is not over and clearly will never be while Orton jobs to almost everyone and even when he wins it always involves HHH.
    Maybe Lesnar will come out Monday night and destroy them both but somehow someway this match cannot happen on the grandest stage of them all.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Bryan V HHH for Wrestlemania as planned. Check.
      Cesaro was never going to win. Check.
      Cena? (Why do people seem to think that he puts no one over?) Also Cena spent more time taking moves than delivering them, Wyatts beat him down.
      No One cares about Randy Orton, Orton has been jobbing to make him look weak just before the chamber match.
      If Lesnar comes out tonight, it will be with Paul Heyman to complain about him not getting a title match, whey Undertaker comes out.
      Orton V Batista is going to happen. Get over it.

      • Charles

        Absolutely everything that happened in the Chamber match was predicted by most people like a month ago.
        If they must do Orton v. Bautista at Mania the least they could have done is make Randy look like a competent champion just once.
        The past few PPV main events have seen some lazy booking and it looks like it will continue into Wrestlemania.
        That is the problem Foley and many others have with the product right now.

        • Venom

          Sometimes I feel like a few people who post here and defend WWEs current direction are actually WWE employees posting. They way they defend Cena and Batista vs Orton actually freaks me out.

    • BlazeKing

      “Super Cena putting over no one. check.”

      Says somebody who doesn’t know what the term “putting someone over” means. Hint: it doesn’t just mean losing to the other person.

      This Cena hate is getting beyond ridiculous at this point. People are just scapegoating now…

      • Charles

        It means that even in a match we knew he wasn’t going to win with 5 other wrestlers he can’t have a clean loss to any of them.
        That’s booking hate not Cena hate.
        Even Jordan had an off night every now and then.

  • Big D

    All of those pics still pale in comparison to the little girl from when Miz won the title.

  • Guest

    Too much interference on main matches, Can’t even the champion win his matches fair and square. Always interference by management and other wrestlers to help the champion keep his title. He loses most of his matches with which are not championship matches. No more wwe for me.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      No more WWE for you? Like how you used a Guest handle.
      See you tonight for RAW.

  • jdl

    It’s not entirely Batista’s fault, and I’m sure the cheering will start once we get closer to the release of Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s really just an unfortunate victim, if you can call being a millionaire pro-wrestler/actor unfortunate in any way, of Vince McMahon and Triple H being stubborn and foolish.

    • KrisXX

      GotG? What? LOL. That comes out in Aug, WM is lil over a month away. GotG will not help Batista at all in this case and I doubt it would if the movie came out next week!!

  • Matt

    Well 50 year old out of shape wrestlers like Batista have no place being in the main event of anything. He was good like 10 years ago when people knew who he was. I’d love to see the fans (who apparently hate this) to show up on live tv, turn their backs and walk out. I’d love to see how WWE handles that.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      There is a certain legend I am thinking of.. who main events Wrestlemania.. has a Wrestlemania streak, who is currently 48.
      There is also a certain WWE Chairman that is nearly 70…
      Last of all, there is Mr.Wrestlemania himself, also 48.

      Also, Batista looks in shape to me, he has a little bit of ring rust, big deal.

      • AlphaMale

        Are you putting Batista in a category with HBK and Undertaker, arguably (not so arguably) two of the top five or so of all time? People want to see what kind of match guys like Undertaker and Michaels are going to pull off. Batista has never been that kind of performer. Not even close

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          at what point did I say he is in the same category “the top 5 of all time” I was just proving that you was wrong, there is nothing wrong with a 50 year old main eventing.

          • AlphaMale

            There is if he isn’t very good and fans don’t want to see him. I was only pointing out that there’s a big difference between calling Batista your main event compared to Michaels and Undertaker

          • JR Texx (Jamie)

            No.. you said “Well 50 year old out of shape wrestlers like Batista have no place being in the main event of anything.” and I named two 50 year olds that have main evented, and a near 70 year old.

          • AlphaMale

            Lol that wasn’t me bro, I see what you were getting at though

          • JR Texx (Jamie)

            Either way. No one is daft enough to Batista in the same ranks of Undertaker & HBK.

            Just stating a fact.

          • Venom

            You were replying to AlphaMale when your comment about 50 year olds should have been towards Matt.

  • David

    I didn’t have any expectation that Daniel Bryan would walk out of the chamber with the championship. Honestly since people want it so much that probably overshadowed anything that could have happened in that match so they shouldn’t have had him in it in the first place. If they put him in the main event at WM30 as a triple threat I think him being in the chamber and losing takes away from that a little. The big problem here I think is Randy Orton. People simply don’t care about him or his character. I get he’s been around for a while and is getting paid a lot of money but everyone else in the main event scene is cared about more than him and he has come off as too much of a whiner and not in the way a good heel would get over. He shouldn’t be at the top of the card at this point. So I think because of that the only person it makes sense to program him with is Batista. He had all of those matches with Daniel Bryan that ended with Bryan getting screwed and I think people don’t want to see that match anymore. With the way WM30 is shaping up right now it seems like they should put Undertaker/Lesnar on as the last match at this point or we could have another situation like what happened when HHH/Orton went on after Undertaker/HBK.

  • BunG

    Would you rather have Bryan walk in WM as the champ or out of it?!
    They created a stroyline where it makes sense to insert him in the main event at Wrestlemania. So whats the problem?
    They fucked up at RR but to me it seems they are fixing it. If they screw this one up as well…well, I guess then Im done with WWE for a while.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Bryan isn’t going to be walking in WM or walking out WM the champ.. and you won’t be done with WWE, you’ll be back just like the others.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Shield V Wyatts, if people want to break up the Shield after that match? gtfo.

    Wonder of they’ll add the number of minutes Bryan spent on the floor during the chamber as a statistic..

    So far for WM its..
    Orton(c) V Batista
    Cena V Bray Wyatt

    and possibly..
    Bryan V HHH
    Lesnar V Undertaer

    and what I think should be added..
    MITB match – Kofi, Sin Cara, Cesaro, Christian, RVD, Ziggler
    Rybaxel V The Brotherhood V Uso’s V New Age Outlaws
    Shield (Reigns, Rollins) V Wyatt Family w/out Bray.

    People are making things sound worse than they actually are, Orton V Batista probably won’t be great, can’t believe people are complaining. Oh well.

  • MrOldSchool

    Look WM 30 is a ten dollar PPV and the marks who subscribed to this network just paid full price for this content. ENJOY !!!!!

    • BlazeKing

      You, are a poser. You’re acting like some genius know it all who’s looking down on peasants…