Mickie James Injury Update: Will "Take A Few Weeks Off"

As I posted last night, Mickie James has been working injured for the past two weeks. She got X-rays today and the results came back. Her ribs are deeply bruised and she will take a few weeks off to heal. She wrote it on her official Twitter page and the tweets are embedded below:

  • Jashaun

    Smh.. There needs to be something put into place idk what but. You can’t have workers working injured like that I mean I know they signed up to be a wrestler. But always on the road barely anytime to rest starts to take a toll on the human body.

    • Topherrulez

      She could always go back to porn!

  • Ranfery25

    Oh Mickie and Cena Taking time off Both are single you know what that means! Haha naw jk