Mickie James On Possible WWE Return - "You Can Never Say Never"

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Wrestling News World reader Mike Buda sent in the following:

We recently had an interview with Mickie James and she talked about her upcoming match in Puerto Rico with Melina, her music career, TNA's Knockouts and WWE Divas, and if she would ever go back to WWE. Here are a few interesting things she had to say:

On TNA's Knockouts:

"We have a very strong division. The only difference is the style and the types of matches and the length of the matches that we have. It's a rarity when a woman can main event the show and I've been fortunate enough to do that. I'm very blessed to be looked at as equal as someone who can hold that level at the end of the show. It's an honor. We have Sarita, who's very well known in Mexico and a main star in the Knockouts roster. Everybody is a little bit different."

On possible return to WWE:

"In this business, it's not one of those things where you can never say never. Right now, I'm having a great time at TNA and I've been enjoying it. I can't say anytime soon."

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You can find the whole interview at http://www.sportstownchicago.com/toprope or listen in Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm ONLY on SportstownChicago.com.

  • Steve l

    That was a smart classy and professional way to answer the question.

  • Hitman310

    why would any knockout ( besides the money) head to WWE for maybe 30 second match when they can stay in TNA and have a normal time frame match?

    • Chris

      Because TNA are known to pay their performers so little, that people like Toxxxin [was that her name, the girlfriend of the Ink Inc guy] qualified for government aid towards food.

      Sure, wrestling for five minutes instead of one is great and all, but so if actually being able to buy food and pay rent, you know?


    I didn't even know she's still in tna

  • Kleck

    I don't really watch TNA…at all but generally know well enough to believe it would benefit her career to stay and be utilized in TNA rather than thrown to the side in the WWE as pure eye candy, squash candidates, or time consumers.

  • gbdb

    they won't let her because of her internet nudity the hippocrites encouraged their talent to do playboy and then fired them for it and for the dumb
    a?? wwe pg

    • Van

      that's why Maryse was fired.

  • Kacie

    I love Mickie and would love to see her back in the wwe but before that happens…if that happens…the wwe needs to rebuild the diva division.

  • Sebastian

    Thank goodness TNA respects womens wrestling. It's a shame WWE doesn't show enough care or attention to it's Divas Division. Great to see Layla back as Champion but I'm getting sick of seeing 5 min Beth Phoenix matches, that division needs heaps new talent or challengers, that's for sure!

  • john

    Of course she should never say never. I mean TNA may find a new girl and let her go if she has burned all her bridges at WWE she would be in trouble.

  • John

    I can actually see her back in WWE eventually, even if it's in a part time capacity, much like Trish has been doing over the past few years. She wouldn't have to worry about another "Piggy James" storyline, because there's no more LayCool. Here we are two years after her release, and the idiot who released her is now the on air GM of both RAW and SmackDown.

  • brandon.

    Maryse wasn’t fired,Maryse wanted a release,because she wanted to do more modelling and write a book,Mickie James would be good in the WWE now,especially with the likes of Beth Phoneix,Eve Torres,Katliyn,some good female wrestlers for Mickie James to wrestle their,and I guarantee it wouldn’t take ’30 seconds’ in a match between Mickie James and Beth Phoneix,it would take more than 30 seconds,and TNA pay their wrestlers so low because TNA are in massive debt,that’s why they had to let go more than 13 wrestlers last year,AJ Styles is obviously going to WWE sooner or later,followed by RVD,James Storm,and probably even Kurt Angle,I don’t think Bully Ray will go back their,people need to remember TNA get the WWE’s scraps,RVD. Bully Ray. Kurt Angle. D-Von. Mickie James. TNA are in to much debt to start giving out pay rises,but in all honesty WWE needs to start pushing wrestlers like Mason Ryan,Heath Slater,Justin Gabriel,Wade Barrett,Sin Cara,R-Truth,Kofi Kingston,Cody Rhodes,Ted DiBase if they don’t want to lose any of that talent to TNA or any other wrestling company,WWE has to remember aswell it can’t just switch back into the Attitude Era when ever it feels like it,Superstars like Undertaker are taking massive breaks from the ring now,from all the punishment his body has took over 20-25 years in the ring,I’m suprised he hasn’t retired yet,Triple.H is considering retiring,Shawn Micheals has retired,WWE needs someone like Batista back,its a shame Brock Lesnar only stayed a couple months,I’d loved to see him in segments with Sheamus,CM Punk,Randy Orton ect,People like Undertaker,Triple.H,Big Show,Kane,Chris Jericho can’t throw themselves around the ring,like they did back in the Attitude Era,that’s why WWE are relying on younger talent,which in all honesty is making Raw and Smackdown more boring,Alberto Del Rio,The Miz,Santino Marella ect wasn’t ready for that big push to the top but yet WWE had to do it because of Ric Flair,Shawn Micheals,Batista,Edge ect retiring (well in fact Batista left to strikeforce) then announced he retired,If WWE keep pushing younger talent that are simply not ready,they are gonna start losing thousands of viewers to TNA,I have to admit TNA put on some better matches and storylines then WWE these days,WWE realizes that,that’s why they’ve brung back The Rock,Stone Cold,DX,Kevin Nash ect so people will start watching WWE again,TNA rely on Kurt Angle,RVD and AJ Styles aswell,if they put them into more flexible storylines AJ Styles could be the Randy Orton of TNA,Bully Ray could be the CM Punk of TNA aswell,Once Sting and Hulk Hogan realizes this the better,WWE is falling down slowly with the stupid,predictable storylines while TNA are capatilizing on WWE’s mistakes.

  • Paul Williams

    I think she will return to the WWE in the future but for now she just focus on TNA or whatever her focus is on. I love see Mickie James back in WWE 2013 or future she’s great Diva.

  • Paul Williams

    WWE in past let’s people go and resigns them again for rating’s and course let’s them go again depending on the person. I say Brock he quit he back and people like DX Road Dog and Billy from DX came back for rating’s well see Mickie James back in future soon , Bella Twins came back as well.