Mickie James

Mickie James' TNA Contract Expiring

Mickie James' contract with TNA Wrestling expires this week. The current TNA Knockout Champion signed a deal with the company in September 2010. As of press time it's unknown if the two parties are negotiating a new deal as TNA has been in the process of restructuring contracts at lower rates to save money.

To see how Mickie is booked on this week's episode of Impact Wrestling, click here.

  • Scott Davies

    So many stars with expiring contracts. This will bite TNA so hard. Dixie needs to go.

    • dean

      Dixie will never leave tna. Her dad invested in tna just so she could have a “toy” to play with on a daily basis.

    • Guy Landau

      I fail to see how you got from the first part of the argument into the conclusion. What about the expiring contracts means Dixie has to go? In fact, Dixie leaving will mean even less money for TNA.

      • Stephen

        Ok, contracts expiring, talent not resigning, and not having enough wrestlers coming up to fill their sports. TNA has not successfully introduced young talent and built them up in a long time. When Mickie leaves there will be THREE active KO’s..

        • Guy Landau

          Believe it or not, contracts expiring happens in WWE as well. It’s the nature of… a contract. Talent not resigning has to do with the pay cuts. Which are for financial reasons. Which will get MUCH worse without Dixie. No viable up and coming talent (which is arguable, but I see your point) has nothing to do with Dixie, she isn’t the booker.

          • Stephen

            She is the owner. The owner delegates to their employee’s, if not its a pack of chickens running around with their heads cut off.

      • TheBigKing1

        That’s not Dixie, that’s her father and his corporation. Sometimes you have to make tough executive decisions.

        • Guy Landau

          Yes but Dixie is the source of the money as far as TNA is concerned. Without Dixie her father won’t continue to support them.

  • dean

    mickie should try to see if she can return to wwe. she is only 34 years old.
    the only problem is that john cena is involved with nikki bella. maybe they would block her return to wwe ?

  • Jim

    The only real “have to Keep” on the roster wrestlers are AJ,Aries and Bully.