Micro Championship Wrestling Show Leaves One Fan Disappointed

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Wrestling News World reader Jake went to a Micro Championship Wrestling show last night in Minnesota and it wasn't a good experience. Below is a report Jake sent us:

I went to a Micro Championship Wrestling show in Mounds View, Minnesota last night. I was really disappointed with the way the show was run.

They advertised it starting at 7pm, and at 7:50 the promoter finally got on the mic and said the show would begin in 10 minutes, even though the room was at capacity with several hundred people. At about 8:20 he finally came to the ring and spent the next 15 minutes talking about nothing in particular other than they were loosely affiliated with Hulk Hogan. He brought out his champion, who spent another 10 minutes introducing the other wrestlers (6 total). "We want wrestling!" chants were already breaking out at this point.

The action finally got underway close to 9pm. They had 2 matches, and then took an intermission that lasted at least 45 minutes. A decent part of the crowd was getting bored and tired at this point, and many simply left before the intermission ended.

After the really long delay they had two more quick matches, the main event being a tag between everyone we had just seen. The whole thing was over by 10:30. The limited action
was entertaining and good, but the delays and pointless chatter on the mics made me never want to see these guys again, especially considering the $30 tickets.

Side note: Pat Tanaka of Orient Express was there as the referee and announced as their head trainer.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Jake it sounds terrible, you should have demanded a refund. I've been to indy shows b fore and it's never been as bad as you discribed. I don't blame you for never going to see another one of their shows.

  • dave

    mcw wil flop

  • Jake

    Honestly, by the end of it, I really didnt even care about a refund. The most annoying part was that it was my birthday, and I just wanted to see a well-run, quality show with my buddies. Oh well.

  • Jamal

    Unlike WWE, MCW does not rent the venues to put on shows. We sell our shows to clubs and bars. The venue sets our start times, they set the intermission times and length and closing times.. MCW puts on one of the greatest shows you will see and we also interact with all the fans whether they hate us or not. So please get your story right before u start bashing us.

  • Guest

    Well, from now on, I WILL watch your share of MCW and you can do something else. Nobody else in the business has the heart and dedication of Huggie, Blixx and the gang!

  • Bob

    Jake before you write articles based on your experience maybe next time you should find out why they did what they did. Its not hard to ask anyone at MCW for an answer. These guys work hard whether you believe it or not and are some of the nicest people anyone could ever meet. The venues pay them money to put on a show then the venues sell the tickets. They dont just walk in and do a show either. They talk with with the bar/club owners prior to it. Maybe the bar wanted them to take their time to try and earn more money from alcohol sales. Unless you ask the sources directly though you'll never know.

  • Ken Dudley

    My wife and I went to one of their shows in Tampa Florida , and we really had the time of our lives ! Not only did the wrestlers put 110% of themselves into their matches . they also amazed me with many moves that in no-way should ever be attempted by anyone .. These wrestlers are trying to entertain you , and give you your money's worth , but no-matter how hard some people try , there will always be a guy like Jake .. Everyone in Tampa was happy with the show and we hope the MCW will be back soon !! Stay Safe …….

  • Ken Dudley

    My wife and I went to one of their shows in Tampa Florida , and we really had the time of our lives ! Not only did the wrestlers put 110% of themselves into their matches . they also amazed me with many moves that in no-way should ever be attempted by anyone .. These wrestlers are trying to entertain you , and give you your money's worth , but no-matter how hard some people try , there will always be a guy like Jake .. Everyone in Tampa was happy with the show and we hope the MCW will be back soon !! Stay Safe …….

  • How come there was no mention in the article that the MCW cast were doing a meet and greet and taking pictures and signing autographs for fans and it was advertised that we would be there doing that.. yes it took a while to get started but we were asked to delay a little to allow other paying fans that were in line still. We apologize for any inconvenience.. demo

  • dave

    WCW. Didn’t have control of the schedule…. Even you said it was entertaining and good…… Nuff said

  • Bryan

    Seen a show at their training facility in NPR Florida , it was a GREAT show . a few small misshaps with the sound system , but thats growing pains for a young company . I was entertained totally , all the wrestlers were great after the show and stayed till the last fan left ……. cant wait to see them again , in this economy my entertainment budget gets hit first but i will spend my money on MCW anytime I can

  • George

    I went to a show in Newark, OH and experienced the same thing. The show was alright. It did feel like it was being drawn out. After the excitement of seeing the “micro”/midgets/little people wore off. It became dull and boring. A group of friends and I met with some people and ended up leaving to go to another bar.

  • dave shrader

    dec 3rd i took my dad and brother to their show here in toledo ,ohio they did the same thing but as far as the show and wrestling went was best show i seen in a long time they know how to get the fans into the action in the ring .. jack my friend know a bit about promoting and the bar business mcw does not control when they start and stop a show or even ticket price they sell their show for a price to the club or venue then from that point they the bar or club price the tickets and call the shots on time and whatknot lol

  • Jamie

    I was there at the show in Moundsview, and can tell you that I talked to a large number of the crowd after. Every single one of them said that they would ABSOLUTELY come back again, and again, and again. Many of them commented on how they can't wait for the MCW to return. Having worked in the entertainment industry for almost 2 decades I know that sometime things happen to cause delays. So give them a break, the cast/crew of MCW are doing an amazing job, work hard, and every single one of them is incredibly friendly and polite. I have worked hundreds of private events over the years, and for the first time I felt like I was working with a client, and not for a client.

  • Starla Mayfield

    All the complaints I have heard are because of the venue not MCW…..so why is MCW getting the heat for something they can not control??? Every person that has commented on here has said the show its self was good entertainment! (Including Jake!!!) MCW is awesome about making their fans Happy and doing what they can to change things to make them Happy!!! I think if you email MCW they will do their Best to make everyone Happy……Just like doing a meet and greet before the show started, and staying after to thank all the Fans!!! Some times things are out of MCW control….like when they start, the price of tickets, and the length of entermision! Now that doesnt mean the Venue is at fault…..Some times the venue doesn't understand what to do to make everyone Happy and make their Money back! It is all a learning process for everyone when you are working with new entertainment and new venues! Please don't be so fast to judge or hate on anyone……MCW is great entertainment and very athletic, professional wrestlers! I promise you that you won't find any other entertainer that cares so much about their fans! So please before you Judge us get to know us!!! Thank You Starla Love "The Dominatrix"

  • Terynn

    I went to the MCW show in Grande Prairie,Alberta. I agree with everything the original post said. But at least yours started before 10pm. Ours was scedualed for 7, but the doors weren’t open until 7:30. We had to stand in the cold for half hour on one of the coldest nights we’ve had all winter! They prolonged the actual show for almost 3 hours! Although they did do autographs/pictures for an hour that is understandable and kudos to them. For the show itself, I am one of the biggest “wresting” fans i will watch anything wrestling, this show did not interest me at all. It was very unprofessional with the announcer AND one of the wrestlers (the vampire lookin one) in the ring drinking a beer. I found that disgusting even in a bar! I was told that the show was “god awful” but I figured I’d give it a shot, needless to say I lost 20$ & 5 hours of my life I will never get back. So with that being said, if you are an actual wrestling fan.. I don’t reccomend watching this promotion.

  • Nate

    If you want fake shows go watch TNA or WWE. You want guys who put it all on the line Go watch MCW. If you are the only one who complained then i do not see a problem. You do not understand that MCW goes on when the venue tells them to and not when they say. Things change and these guys do there best and give all to give a great show.

  • tim

    i tried 2 go see them in cookville tn when they had hulk hogan. had tickets. stood outside like 3 hours waiting 2 get in. finally some one came out and said that they had sold too many tickets and they was full and we could not get in . they was still several hundred people out side that was pushed away cause they dont know what the hell they was doing. sorry but they should have said something before three hours had passed and saved us the trouble of standing outside in the cold. never go to a mcw event again. seems like they always say its not there fault its the venues or something. need to take responsibility for there actions.

  • Derrick

    I agree it was the venue, i've been the the mermaid center a few times and that place is a disappointment. I also went to the event and talked to a few of the guys and the ceo of mcw and they are the coolest people i've ever met. They do the best they can do to put on a good show and it was apparent that they did all they could. i also over hear the manager yelling at the wrestlers to speed it up and to extend the show, kinda confusing to me but that guy was a dick. i would definately go see them again…but in another venue.

  • Jake

    I wasnt trying to start a war of words, folks. I've been following wrestling my entire life, and have been to more live shows than I can count. I said myself the action they had was good and entertaining. I was just trying to state my opinion that on this particular night, I was disappointed.