Mike DiBiase Arrested After 12 Hour Standoff With SWAT In Texas

The son of Ted DiBiase, Sr. and half brother of Ted DiBiase, Jr. and Brett DiBiase is in trouble. The local CBS affiliate out of Amarillo, Texas is reporting that Michael DiBiase, 37, was involved in a 12 hour standoff with the SWAT team in northwest Amarillo.

According to the report, Amarillo police found DiBiase under a large stack of cardboard shipping boxes inside a building at around 11:30 AM on January 23, 2014. The standoff began Wednesday night when officers learned DiBiase, who was wanted on a violation warrant, was inside the building that houses several businesses.

He was believed to have had access to weapons and a remote controlled robot was sent in and chemical agents were used in attempt to draw DiBiase out. DiBiase was booked on an original conviction stemming from a tampering with/destruction of evidence charge and a charge of hindering apprehension.

You can read more at this link.

DiBiase's father, "The Million Dollar Man," Tweeted the following about the arrest:

  • Patrick

    I take it he has a life long history of getting in trouble.

    • Mysterion

      “He was wanted on a violation warrant”. What you think?

    • dean

      I am curious as to how pw torch “journalists” and other various dirt sheet writers try to BLAME vince McMahon for this situation. According to the rassling media, wrestlers are ignorant , uneducated circus clowns who need vince McMahon to babysit them 24/7 until they turn 90 like mae young.