Mike Tyson Says He Is "Very Ecstatic" About Being Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame; Talks About Vince McMahon Coming To Get Him When Times Were Hard

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ESPN.com boxing writer Dan Rafael has a new article online featuring quotes from Mike Tyson. Tyson says he is "very ecstatic" about being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this weekend. Below are the highlights from the article:

"They all want to go to the WWE Hall of Fame event," Tyson said. "We all love wrestling. It's like a soap opera for men. ... When I give my speech, you won't have to worry about me breaking down and crying at that one like I did at the boxing Hall of Fame. You'll hear every sentence loud and crackling and clear. This one goes straight to my ego. It's like, 'I'm so cool.' This is going to be fun. I'm just very ecstatic about it. It's a very big honor to me."

"I just loved doing it and I really appreciated Vince McMahon," Tyson said. "He knew how to get me when times were hard. Usually when times are hard, everyone knows how to run away from you, but he came to get me and I am extremely grateful. This is real and I am not just sucking up. I don't want to kiss no a--, but I don't know where I would have been without WWE at that particular time in my life."

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  • christopher525

    Say what you want, Tyson is about as genuine as you get these days. People look at his past, but if you look at who he's become, you watch his documentary, and you'll appreciate the man even more. He is a massive fan, he loves the business, and I can bet you, if he'd had the the chance to just change over to WWE back in the day instead of boxing, he'd have jumped at it, and become one of the biggest stars to ever enter the ring. He can work a mic, he has the build (did then, lost it, and has it back now), and at one point was as big a character as you could ever hope to have. I am actually glad Vince is putting him in, he does deserve it, ten times over other celebrities who've been inducted. The difference is, he loves it, and would have loved to become a superstar, if the opportunity had presented itself.