Money In The Bank PPV Match Outcomes, Plans For The WWE Title Match At SummerSlam, Backstage News On WHC MITB Ladder Match, Winners Revealed?

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- We noted earlier here on that WWE is not finished with Ryback. There are some that think they should be given how badly he's been booked, but he's still seen as a top tier guy. The match against Chris Jericho at Money in the Bank next month is seen as another "stepping stone" for him and there isn't anyone that sees him going under given Jericho's return to Fozzy.

- Mark Henry's pursuit of the WWE Championship could very well continue past the pay-per-view next month, assuming the company doesn't surprise people and put him over in the first place. While some are under the assumption that Daniel Bryan will challenge for the WWE title at SummerSlam, the plans for the main event last week involved Cena, Ryback and Mark Henry.

- We're told the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank ladder match was put together at the last minute on Tuesday. There is no plan for a winner at this point, which obviously is a problem.

- Speaking of Bryan, we heard his name has come up as a favorite to win his second MITB ladder match at the pay-per-view next month but so far, it's by far a sure thing.

  • Chris

    With the mention of Henry/Ryback/Cena I actually figured Henry takes the title off Cena. Ryback weasels his way into Cena’s rematch somehow.

  • Xavier

    I have absolutely no problem with Henry getting another title run before he REALLY does hang it up for good. But I also feel that the WWE needs to strike whole the iron is hot with Daniel Bryan and go with Cena/Bryan soon. I guess I’m conflicted on that. However, I do feel that sling shoting Ryback into the title scene is a huge mistake. For the 1st time in like forever WWE creative has finally got it right with Ryback in terms of booking him in match that he’ll go over, have him beat Jericho and kind of build him up from there slowly again. There clearly isn’t anything that would suggest tha Ryback will be winning the title anytime soon so why book him into a no win situation again?
    It appears that either Bryan or Orton will win MITB, I’m honestly hoping that WWE swerves us and has Christain go over. I’d love to see a heel Christian fued with John Cena. That was the feud we should of got back in 2005. But I would completely understand if they went with Bryan, because like I said before Cena/Bryan is something that creative may have too go with while the iron is hot. I’m actually more interesting in the Heavyweight Championship MITB, someting is intriging about an all heel match with upper midcard guys on the come up, I think Sandow is the most ready & deserving of the win here and I hope that’s the direction that WWE goes in.

  • Patrick

    leave it to WWE to screw up and push Back Daniel Bryan’s rumored title shot………….I don’t wish to see Henry vs Cena..i don’t care about the match I don’t plan to watch it…and I find Henry dull and boring….I’d raither see WWE strike now and give Daniel Bryan his title shot against Cena.

    • Danny_Boy

      Well according the ratings, not many people cared too see Bryan in 5 segments everyweek on RAW. Bryan’s opening segment and his match with Orton did horrible ratings. They lost a ton of viewers in that last hour.