No MITB Contract, Lesnar Returning, Two Solutions To Bryan Being Out, Usos The New Hardys?

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What are your thoughts on the possibility of there being No Money in the Bank contract for the next twelve months?

As things currently stand, one Money in the Bank ladder match is scheduled for the pay-per-view with it being for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Even if the title wasn't on the line, there was only expected to be one of the gimmick matches because of the unified titles. As for there being no "contract holder," that will be disappointing and only furthers my point they should bring the match back to the Wrestlemania undercard. However, contract winners haven't fared well recently. Here's a look at the contract winners over the past few years - Damien Sandow (2013), Randy Orton (2013), Dolph Ziggler (2012), John Cena (2012), Daniel Bryan (2011) and Alberto Del Rio (2011). Would it be a fair point to make the contract doesn't mean as much as it once did? After all, both Sandow and Cena were unsuccessful in cashing in, Bryan was buried (although resurrected under difference circumstances), Ziggler jobbed out and Del Rio isn't at the level he once was.

Do you think Brock Lesnar could come back and become WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

With Daniel Bryan still out, the talk at Raw was that we could see Brock Lesnar sooner than later. He could really help the company right now and a run as WWE World Heavyweight Champion would help offset the loss of Daniel Bryan. So not only could I see him coming back and winning the title, I believe it would be a smart move.

Do you think WWE will use Money in the Bank to split the WWE and World Heavyweight titles?

Several readers have inquired about WWE using the Money in the Bank ladder match to split the titles again and as long as there are two belts, that speculation will persist. There are two immediate solutions to WWE's Daniel Bryan problem. One, they could use the Money in the Bank ladder match to elevate Seth Rollins and give him the rub as the "face of the WWE." They could also use the match as an opportunity to bring Brock Lesnar back and have him destroy everyone. Either would setup a unification bout against Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam in August. Splitting the titles would not solve the problem and would not be the correct move at this time.

Do you see The Usos as the new Hardy Boyz?

This is a great comparison and I could absolutely see this being the case. The Usos are grouped in with Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt and others as the next generation of stars in WWE. They both have a very high ceiling and the comparison to Matt and Jeff Hardy is not far off.

From the Ask WNW vault…

September 2012: What does being a “mark” mean? - A “mark” is someone that believes a wrestling storyline is real. Generally, marks get legitimately upset at the heels and have a genuine love for the babyfaces. While we’re at it let’s take a look at some commonly used wrestling terms:

Shoot – off-script or legitimate
Work – scripted, contrived, preplanned
Mark – uninformed wrestling fan that legitimately believes storylines
Smark – informed wrestling fan that understands storylines are contrived

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  • Stephen Cash

    Can we stop calling the WWE title ladder match a money in the bank match…. It’s not it’s just a ladder match.

    • Vic Jose

      I beg to differ, this year it is more money in the bank than ever as the winner gets the belt, not just a shot.

      • Stephen Cash

        Not really since the contract represents the money and the briefcase the bank…

  • Josh G

    I really hope Lesnar is added to the match. I will be live at MITB and am a big fan. Although the Rollins option is good. I think Cena is the more obvious option but then that would be tough to book Bryan against. I want Lesnar though.

  • Splash

    There should be two matches. Have the contract match and give guys like Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi a chance to shine in this match. Would throw in RVD, Rusev, Adam Rose and who ever else and there you go, 2 Ladder matches.

    • JasonT2300

      All those names there, wwe isnt willing to give any of those stars a wwe championship run, unless you add guys like Reigns and Big E

  • Guest

    You forgot about Kane and The Miz winning in 2010

    • Bob’s Diner

      No he was just pointing out that the MITB no longer means as much by showing where the winners of the last few years are. He wasn’t trying to list every MITB winner

  • Uzoma Iwuagwu

    What about Kane and The Miz winning in 2010?

    • I only went back 3 years to illustrate my point.

  • mike

    No way I could ever see bryan beat brock once or cena twice in a row it just shouldn’t happen , bryans great in the ring and all but he just belongs in the mid card to me , I feel they should make a light weight belt or bring back the cruiser weight belt for him, I change the channel when he comes out cause I know 90% of the time he is gonna win but 0% I believe he could actually really beat that guy

    • Stephen Cash

      Bryan is a way better wrestler than anybody he has wrestled in WWE and that will include Lesnar soon.

      • Xavier

        Gonna have too strongly disagree with that statement

      • Avalanchian

        Lesnar won the 2000 NCAA wrestling championship as a heavyweight after placing second in 1999. He was in UFC (real mixed martial arts/fighting). Bryan doesn’t compare to Lesnar in who is a better wrestler.

        • Stephen Cash

          He also ruined a match with Taker at WM because he works too stiff…

        • BlackMotor687

          Bruh, Lesnar couldn’t even Goldberg in the ring, and he would go to lose to *VIVA LA RASTA* Eddie at No Way Out, then years later to return, got his ass beat by Cena, then try to go on winning against Triple H and CM Punk cause of Heyman’s Bitch moves. The only way for him to be the best in the ring, is to grow a sack and get off of Heyman’s Twinkie Tits.

      • JasonT2300

        Bryan is not better than Cm Punk. Yet.

        • Stephen Cash

          Bryan has been better tha punk forever

  • Vic Jose

    Maybe they should consider running a King of the Ring tournament to give someone a push and award the winner of the tournament a contract for a title shot some time during their “reign” as king. Would solve the problem with no Money In The Bank contract to cash in.

  • King James

    Stupid WWE logic. Just make a separate MITB match for the briefcase. Having two ladder matches isn’t overkill. Specially if the name of the damn show is MITB.

  • rschell21

    I like the usos but I don’t see them as the hardy Boyz there backgrounds are different The usos were born into wrestling royalty and the Hardys they put themselves on the map before they graduated high school by hard work not saying the usos don’t work hard but the Hardys had there own promotion before they even got to wwe and they were wrestling in wwe when they were in there teens. Plus the usos are popular but not hardy boyz popular. Maybe the usos should start going through tables and diving off ladders to help that.

  • Mike McCarthy

    No way you can compare either Uso to Jeff Hardy. The amount of risks Jeff Hardy took on live television put him way above The Usos. Let’s put it in Baseball turns, compared to Jeff Hardy, The Usos are AA while Jeff Hardy is MLB.

    • ryan25

      oath my friend, Hardy is so damn underrated only thanks to his stupid behaviour at times. The Usos have barely done anything to be considered on his level, and i am an Uso fan

  • Mysterion

    While I like that we appear to be drifting off the CM Punk questions, the “when are they splitting the titles” questions are just as bad now. Why can’t people just deal with change instead of whining about it?

    • I hate to come off this way, but these are the questions that a large majority of readers are asking, so Richard answers them. If you have such a huge problem with this, why do you bother reading and complaining on almost a daily basis?

    • Bob’s Diner

      I am so with you – it only happened 6 months ago. It is the new ‘turn John Cena heel’ argument

  • Avalanchian

    Would be very interesting if Rollins was added to the MITB match. Since Rollins and Orton would most likely come head to head.

  • John

    In my opinion the WWE only has two options at MITB.. Either you gamble on someone who perhaps isn’t quite ready yet, like a Seth Rollins or a Roman Reigns or even a Cesaro.. or you play it safe and put over John Cena.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Totally agree

  • DW

    For everyone who whines about the titles needing to be split…MITB is a perfect example of why it doesn’t matter. Here we have a perfect opportunity to have a Ladder match for the title and one for the contract. Will it happen? Who knows. But it’s not that their aren’t enough belts to go around, it’s because WWE barely gives people chances, and when they do 9/10 they give it to the wrong person or slap them with a terrible gimmick.

    • Bob’s Diner

      That’s always my argument against the titles being split as well – it was hardly making any new stars. Orton and Cena were still holding both on a regular basis

  • Brandon

    There is talk of possibly doing another MITB match for the briefcase and it was supposedly going to happen as it was supposed to be announced this week but for some reason, it just wasn’t announced so we possibly will have a second ladder match

    • Guest

      Yeah I heard

  • Jason

    why dont people get it? the belts are unified, they are not going to split PERIOD! the only reason the wwe world heavyweight championship is still 2 belts is because they want to give the new wwe title design that the rock presented more time to remain out there because the belt is still new. If it wasnt for this the wwe world heavyweight championship would be just 1 belt with a new design.

  • Einar

    Why not have 2 ladder matches? One for the title and one for the money in the bank.

  • mike

    Bryan just doesn’t have that it factor to me , he is great wrestler but I just can’t see him in the same respect level as guys like shawn micheals, eddie g, chris benoit, bret hart. He lacks that edgy/aggressive style that guys his size needs and lol please don’t say that (yes chant) crap is edgy. Big example I let my 6 year old watch the raw for first time ever before wreslemania they showed orton, batista , hhh, & bryan as the championship card on the titantron my 6year old asked me why is that guy with the beard involved he doesn’t even look on the same level as the other 3 lol , a week later after mania when bryan won my son looked at me and plainly said this thing is super fake isn’t it .my 6year old was able to tell wresling is fake 100% on his own just from watching bryans character

    • tay

      I feel hhh and others feel the same way but the crying yes fans were such big babies that wwe just threw the title on him just to get the yes crap over with ,I can’t wait til that wrestler comes along that really breaths life back into this business cause no way in hell it could ever be bryan and wwe knows that