MITB Ladder Match Thoughts, The Shield Dropping Titles, Marketing Talent, Stories You Missed

What are your thoughts on the two Money in the Bank Ladder Matches?

A lot of people are curious what I think about the WWE Championship MITB Ladder Match being all babyfaces and the World Heavyweight Championship MITB Ladder Match being heels. The easiest reaction for me to have is “turns are coming” or “they’re turning everyone” but time will tell to see how they each play out. This obviously wasn’t done by accident but I was told the WHC MITB ladder match was put together in the final moments of writing the script for last week’s Smackdown. I am pleased with the participants announced in each bout as I feel there are enough people in both bouts where the match is conducive to their in-ring abilities.

With the way The Shield has been booked (going over major stars), who do you think would be the logical choice to defeat Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose for the tag titles?

Given the current state of the WWE tag team division, there is no team on the roster capable of such a feat. As much as I think the Usos deserve a legitimate chance, there is no way I’m buying them as viable contenders against The Shield, regardless of how they were booked with Christian on Smackdown. At this point the only feasible outcome for The Shield to drop the tag titles would be due to internal dissension or outside interference. If I were booking, I could continue to book them as dominant as possible to work a major feud at SummerSlam.

Why does Vince McMahon have the mindset that small guys can’t make the WWE money?

Vince McMahon wants talent that is marketable. It’s not that he’s “against all small guys” or never gives anyone but career bodybuilders a shot is that he has an idea of what he believes will draw. He’s not always right and he’s not always wrong. Daniel Bryan is a guy that has won Vince over with his stellar work. Shawn Michaels turned out to be one of the biggest legends of all-time. In short, Vince just wants talent that will cause people to tune in and buy merchandise. Shawn Michaels made headlines last week when he told a story about Vince saying he didn’t see money in a particular talent. Vince says a lot of things but this one made headlines because HBK said it. It’s not that big of a deal.

I’ve been offline over the weekend, will you catch me up?

There were two stories that broke late Friday you might have missed. Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton were fined for “chair strikes to the head” on last week’s Raw. Matt Osborne, who was the original Doink the Clown, died suddenly on Friday. Not much happened Saturday other than TNA Champion Bully Ray being off TNA live events and the WWE MITB PPV lineup taking shape. TNA taped this week’s Impact Wrestling and the following week on Saturday night. We also had some WWE NXT staffing notes to pass along.

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