Monday Night Raw Audience Rises After WWE Payback

This week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, the fallout from the inaugural edition of WWE Payback, did an average viewing audience of 4,153,000 viewers on the USA Network.

Below is how the audience broke down by hour:

  1. Hour 1 - 4,030,000
  2. Hour 2 - 4,260,000
  3. Hour 3 - 4,170,000

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  • Kleck

    Simply, Punk draws

    • Smart Mark

      That kinda makes sense but Punk showed up for a segment in the 1st hour and a match in the 3rd hour. And 2nd hour has most viewers so it’s kind of and invalid argument if you actually wanted to get technical about it.

      • Blaine

        2nd hour: Henry’s Retirement speech?

        • Hercules Rockerfeller


      • Kleck

        Third hour had more than the first hour…again, Punk draws.