Monday Night Raw Audience Tanks Heading Into WWE Battleground

This week's episode of Monday Night Raw, the go-home to WWE Battleground, did an average viewing audience of 3,583,666 viewers on the USA Network. Below is how the show's audience broke down by hour:

  • Hour one - 3,605,000 viewers
  • Hour two - 3,530,000 viewers
  • Hour three - 3,616,000 viewers

The show ended up doing a 2.68 cable rating.

The audience was the lowest since the New Year's Eve episode that aired last year. That show did an average viewership of 3,552,000 viewers.

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  • Jordan Huxtable

    Time to blame the current WWE champion …oh wait

  • Lavell

    Vince needs to listen to the ratings. People are bored with CM Punk & Daniel Bryan being shoved down their throats. When Cena was the guy RAW ratings were always in the high 3s/low 4s, Even during football season & during the baseball playoffs (just look at ratings from 2005 thru 2009). Ratings are barely in the mid 2s now. The IWC can’t blame Cena for the crappy ratings this time.

    • the arbiter

      Ratings have steadily declined for years, you point to strong ratings 2005-09. That is a lifetime ago in tv terms. The trend from 2010-today has been a steady decline, with a pickup on the road to wrestlemania, then back to decline.
      I dont blame Cena he is still the biggest name in the biz and a big draw for sure, but overall interest in the pro-wrestling product is at a low point.

      Last year WWE did plenty of shows below 3.0 rating during the football season The show this time last year had a similiar result.

      Hour 1: 3,436,000 viewers
      Hour 2: 3,598,000 viewers
      Hour 3: 3,472,000 viewers

      The final cable rating for all three hours was 2.54.

      I believe Cena was off that show though, but the shows before were 2.9 and 2.72. This isn’t unprecidented and I think reflects the change in how people consume media, the popularity of the product in general, and the massive juggernaut that is the NFL.

      • Nick K

        Exactly, this nothing new. Football is super popular these days and there’s not much wwe can do about it. The person you replied to showed a lack of knowledge there, maybe that person should point out that years and years of focusing on cena without building new stars has hurt them long term. Thankfully guys like Bryan and Punk are keeping the show afloat.

  • The arbiter

    No Cena won’t be helping the ratings, but Drew Brees and the Saints were on MNF. I know what i watched and what i recorded for later viewing.

    But then again, i never watch Raw live these days. Record + fast forward to get through all the freaking recaps. I don’t know how anyone can watch 3 hours of raw every week without wanting to skip large segments of it.

  • LeftyTosser

    Let’s all face the facts. Since the Monday night wars wrestling in general has declined in attendance, viewership and overall ratings. Without true competition there will be no reason for WWE to change or improve their product. The overall writing stinks, they can’t carry out a story over more than a couple of weeks for anything and there is far more promotion and talking than actual action in the ring. The audience is predominantly male and any educator will tell you that males do not listen well. Males are far more visual. It’s basic marketing 101. It sounds to me like both the WWE and TNA writers need to go back to school.

    For the IWC, I guess it will soon be time for all of the “bring Cena back” chanting to begin. Punk and Danielson cannot carry the load. Great ring technicians, but not the kind of personalities that put butts in seats.

  • Scott Davies

    Wow & I thought Raw was good show this week.

  • Fact

    I remember when Richard was blaming Ryback when he was in the main event scene for low ratings. Funny how he doesn’t blame Daniel Bryan.

    • Anand Vijayakumar

      Because Bryan isnt the reason for this ratings demise. People love punk and that is the only reason this program between punk and ryback is even barely successful. Punk needs a solid foe to bring out the best in him. See his feud with Jericho last year or Taker or Brock this year.

      Can you honestly say that Ryback Vs Punk will be even 50% as entertaining as Ryback Vs Lesnar? Punk is the constant here and if the match is going to be bland and boring – who can be the reason???

      • Mysterion

        You are soooooo wrong to post “people love Punk” on this website.

        • Anand Vijayakumar

          Why would that be? Punk is popular everywhere including this website 🙂

  • Avalanchian

    With all the new and season starting shows airing, Baseball playoffs, NHL hockey season now starting, and Monday Night Football it is easy to see why ratings are dropping. There isn’t anything WWE can do to fix this.

  • Bob

    I’m as big of a wrestling fan as most of you, but even I am starting to lose interest. The programming just isn’t cutting it for me anymore. There’s something missing, something that WWE is sorely lacking- and that’s good writing. It’s not must-see tv anymore. Don’t think I’m knocking the talent, because that’s honestly the only reason why I continue to watch. The constant re writes and lack of passion for the business by the “creative” team is only serving as a thorn in the side of the company. We deserve better.

  • The Phantom Renagade

    I think its funny that over 3 million people watching a show is qualified as “TANKING”.

  • HugeRockStar

    This is actually a higher rating than what Raw did one year ago which included Cena. If you take that into account it’s not that bad. Ratings always drop at this time of year.