Monday Night Raw Scores Lowest Average Viewership Of The Year

This week's episode of Monday Night Raw did an average viewing audience of 4,075,333 viewers on the USA Network. Below is how viewership broke down by hour:

  • Hour one - 4,001,000 viewers
  • Hour two - 4,174,000 viewers
  • Hour three - 4,051,000 viewers

It's worth noting this is a different trend than we are used to seeing. Viewership rose and then pulled back, rather than decline as the show aired. The broadcast did a 1.4 adults 18-49 rating as Monday's top cable program.

While the show won the night on cable, this was Monday Night Raw's lowest viewership average of the year.

The show ended up with a 2.98 cable rating.

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WWE Raw Ratings & Viewership Archive

  • Win

    Daniel Bryan is as over as Steve Austin was, huh? Lol! Po guarantee you ratings when the likes of Stone Cold and the Rock were running the WWE ratings never hit a low of any sort. D Bry is more like Mick Foley. Every once in a while the audience wants an underdog to get a payday. But it gets old fast and people stop watching.

  • Dave

    3 hours is too long.

    • Matt

      I never thought it was, but seeing the ratings lately I am starting to wonder. If you add preshow and backstage pass, you’re adding it to almost 4 hours of Raw. This weeks’ show I thought was solid and the low points were still better than some from the past….but for being on Road to Wrestlemania, it was too lackluster for this close to the big day.

      • Bob’s Diner

        How did you not think Raw was too long until now???
        You enjoy an hour of time wasted on things you have already seen and lessons on how to use the app?

        • Matt

          Stuff like that doesn’t bother me. Assuming people know how to use things like the app and network isn’t a smart idea because there are a lot of people who aren’t (yet) familiar with technology. Plus, I have a mute button on my remote, lol

  • M.C. Elroy

    People just are unable to get into pro wrestling anymore. The reason why The Rock and Steve Austin were huge draws was due to their ability to advertise over-the-top violence and profanity. Unfortunately, that is the only selling point for most people. Unfortunately, the mainstream does not comprehend the art form of wrestling, which can be credited to their apathetic and obtuse minds. In my opinion, this is why the likes of Daniel Bryan is struggling to garner big tv ratings. Alas, at least I enjoy watching him. I seriously doubt that we ever see a wrestling boom again. No matter how good it gets, the mainstream will continue to discredit it.

    • Paul

      Is pro wrestling almost dead though? I wonder sometimes. I don’t know what it would take to consistently draw the numbers wrestling used to. I think wrestling needs to evolve we need new characters, a new company and new story lines. Not the same old same old. I don’t believe there will ever be another Stone Cold or the Rock ever again which is troubling. Same with music. There will never be another Beatles and that to me suggests the industry is dying. Same with wrestling

      • M.C. Elroy

        I don’t like to use the term dying, but it certainly isn’t growing from a ratings standpoint.

        • chris

          it was st. patricks day. the ratings for wwe were down but all of cable tv numbers were down and wwe GOT THE NUMBER 1 SPOT ON CABLE FOR THE NIGHT WHICH IS WHAT THE USA NETWORK CARES ABOUT but the so called “rassling journalists” are too stupid to see it.

      • BrooksOglesby

        Nothing’s big forever, and that’s only becoming more true as society becomes more fragmented and more options are available. Like you said, there will never be another Beatles, in part because now most people have instant access to virtually every song ever written in their pocket. It’s no longer that you’re a Beatles or a Stones guy, because you can spend your life only listening to conscious post-folk math rock these days. There’s just so much access to alternatives. Likewise, there were less entertainment options during the Attitude Era, and even less during the Hulkamania days.

        I’d be surprised if we ever see a pro wrestling resurgence at the level of the Attitude Era. Even the Monday Night Wars wouldn’t draw the ratings it did today. But wrestling isn’t dying any more than TV itself is dying (and the WWE Network is doing a great idea for extending WWE’s longevity in the digital age). Wrestling has a niche audience, but that’s really all you can hope for in this day and age. Pretty much everything has a niche audience now. People are still buying tickets and tuning in, so it’s a little early to eulogize the industry, I think.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Well, the crowds that buy tickets to the shows are sometimes double to what they used to draw, with ticket prices being much higher. Wrestlers are now paid substantially higher than what they were during the Attitude era. WWE is a billion dollar empire.

        That’s just WWE… don’t get me started on how many Indy promotions there are out there these days that are able to have a worldwide following thanks to the internet.


  • Bob’s Diner

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s all systems go for WrestleMania, but the casual fan they usually grab for this is just not interested right now – I know I’m not. Daniel Bryan is obviously not winning the title which completely hampers his story. Too much focus on HHH, Batista and Randy Orton – the same guys they were focusing on for the majority of 2005 through to 2010. Instead of using the exposure The Rock brought to make some new exciting stars, they seem to be going backwards. I’ve said it before, but the idea of bringing back old stars to headline WrestleMania is great but completely nulls any idea their current talent can ever reach that level.

    The big matches are already in place. Doesn’t give a whole lot of reason to watch Raw, unless you enjoy 15 minute HHH monologues and people saying they want to end the streak.

    On a positive note, the viewership seems to have been pretty consistent all night

    • jason witten 82

      Bryan obviously not winning the title? Just curious why you think that man?

      • Rus

        Because just like SummerSlam when they give the ball to Daniel Bryan the ratings flop

        • So the ratings are flopping because of one guy who’s “over like rover” – whenever he’s on the screen?

      • Bob’s Diner

        I think the long-term plan was always Batista walking out champion and Bryan has only been added to stop the crowd from ‘hijacking’ the match. It was an obvious last minute idea, since he hadn’t mentioned wanting a title shot at all before last week – all he wanted was HHH. I could be wrong, but that is just how it looks to me and others.

        I have no doubt he will go over HHH and win it further down the road. Just not at WrestleMania. And that, to me at least, makes all this feel pointless right now

        • jason witten 82

          As far as throwing bryan in the main event at the last minute to calm the crowd, your dead on. But with the way they’re booking daniel now I would be shocked if they didn’t give him at least a small run starting at mania

  • Avalanchian

    Maybe some people are OK with missing RAW if they can watch it on WWE Network.

    • Bob’s Diner

      It isn’t on the network until a month later

  • Clint

    clearly its Bryan fault

  • Justin

    I’M not worried about the low numbers it was ST. Patties day. I know I was out rather than watching raw.

  • Jay El Bee

    Here’s an idea stop building the shows around Bryan. Ever since the night after the RR Bryan has been the focal point of almost every show and ratings have dropped every week, except for the week Hogan came back.