How Much Of WWE’s Net Revenue Is At Risk Without Traditional Pay-Per-View, What WWE Looks For In Talent To Be Successful, Does WWE Pay For Stars Injured During Matches?, CM Punk’s Departure An Explained Risk Factor, More On Warrior’s Hall Of Fame Induction

- With the creation of the WWE Network and subsequent subscriber targets, I found it appropriate to breakdown pay-per-view revenue. WWE’s average revenue per pay-per-view buy was $20.60 in 2012 and $19.94 in 2011. Net revenues in the pay-per-view segment of their business were $83.6 million in 2012, $78.3 million in 2011 and $70.2 million in 2010. These accounted for 17%, 16% and 15& of total net revenues respectively.

- In a document filed with the SEC, WWE revealed their success depends on…

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