Monitoring Signs, Count Out & DQ, Why Ryback Isn't A Viable Contender, Role Of Referees

How, if at all, does WWE monitor the signs that fans bring to televised events? I saw a sign on Raw this week that read, "Bring back TV-14." Surely this isn't something WWE want fans at home to see?

The signs brought to WWE shows are monitored by the venue's event staff, WWE production and the cameramen. Some venues are stricter than others in inspecting signs at the door but if production sees something in the crowd they don't want on TV, they'll take it away. The cameramen are the best in the business at keeping the cameras off stuff they don't want shown, which was evident on last week's Raw in Calgary when a fight broke out in the crowd.

Why did Curtis Axel win his match against John Cena by count out? I thought there wasn't any count outs in a no disqualification match?

The match was a no disqualification match not a no count out match, a count out is not the same as a DQ. Let's go to Twitter for some referee reaction:

You've stated that Ryback hasn't beaten anybody other than jobbers, however, he has pinfall victories over Antonio Cesaro while United States Champion, Daniel Bryan, Kane, The Miz and Kofi Kingston. Doesn't that make him a viable contender?

No, Ryback isn't a viable contender for the WWE title and has lost clean against CM Punk at Hell in a Cell and Survivor Series, to The Shield at WWE TLC, Punk again on 1/7 WWE Raw, eliminated by John Cena at Royal Rumble, The Shield again at Elimination Chamber and Mark Henry at Wrestlemania. While he technically "beat" John Cena at Extreme Rules, it was ruled a no contest. As for your logic about who he has beat, let's take a look at their respective records.

Antonio Cesaro was pinned clean by Santino Marella, Justin Gabriel and R-Truth while he was WWE United States Champion. Daniel Bryan was pinned clean this year by Damien Sandow, Mark Henry and Big E Langston. Kane, which is one of Ryback's most credible wins, has done clean jobs to Dean Ambrose and Jack Swagger in singles competition. The Miz has done clean jobs to the aforementioned Cesaro and Wade Barrett. And finally, Kofi was jobbed out at beginning of the year and did clean jobs to Cody Rhodes and Fandango. Under your logic, anyone that gets a win is a viable WWE title contender. Does this mean Michael Cole (1-0 at Wrestlemania) is a viable contender for the WWE Title? The fact of the matter is Ryback has been booked horribly with no confidence. He has a great look but hasn't shown anything in terms of being a future headliner. I will say that Daniel Bryan made him look the best he's looked on this week's WWE Monday Night Raw. Ryback should have never been a face and the Goldberg type push was in error.

On Raw I heard the referee say "30 seconds" during a match and after exactly 30 seconds, the show went to break. Is this how it works with everyone and everything, and do the wrestlers depend on the ref a good amount?

The referees operate as liaisons between production and the wrestlers. They wear earpieces so they can communicate messages from the back like what you heard on this week's Raw. This is essential to keep the show on time and running at the correct pace. Remember, everything is scripted and it's very important there be communication between production and what is happening in the ring.

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  • Kleck

    I better get right on reading rule 114-7a.

    • George Waldman

      Yes, me too. I wonder where I can get a copy of the rule book so I can read it, as Scott Armstrong suggests.

  • Spuddyz

    I agree that Ryback isn’t a viable contender, but Hell in a Cell wasn’t a “clean” loss. Receiving a low blow and then a getting a fast count does not constitute a “clean” loss by any means.

    • That’s still beside the point. He walked away from a Last Man Standing Match and wasn’t declared the winner. He’s been booked horribly and he’s not a viable WWE title contender.

      • Spuddyz


      • TheBigKing1

        I agree

  • Snap

    Are there really people who do not know the difference between a “count out” and a “disqualification”? I’m sorry, but the difference is so bleeding obvious. For as long as I can remember, when championship matches have been discussed the announcers would say you could not win a title “on a count out or a disqualification.” Hell, play any WWE video game and turn of DQs, you can still get counted out.

  • Patrick_OToole

    I remember seeing a pair of signs, clearly created by two friends sitting next to one another, a few weeks ago that said “I’m with Owen (up arrow)” and “I’m with Chris (down arrow)”. I thought they were clever and was surprised they got a TV a few times.

  • Chris

    Whatever happened to the freedom of speech WWE??

    • Freedom of speech is important but when you are at someone else’s event, they have the right to control what they distribute. It’s just like the comments here. It’s wide open to express your opinion but if you promote another website, we’re going to remove the comment.

    • Win

      Freedom of Speech prevents the government from infringing on your right to express what you want to say. The WWE is ran by American citizens. We the people, have the right to edit what we want. If you’re going to reference the Constitution, its best you know it. #Imjustsayin

      • Don

        Using a Hash-Tag in a post on here = douchebaggery. This is not Twitter, my friend. #Jackhole

        • Win

          #whocares #relax #getagirlfriend

    • Jay El Bee

      It went away back in the 90’s when the WWE originally started confiscating signs.

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    The only way that anybody will take Ryback serious will be if he actually wins the title and “takes out” Cena in that Three Stages of Hell match. Otherwise, put Ryback back in the midcards and let someone else get a crack.

  • Ryback didn’t really walk away from Extreme Rules he was helped away

    • Haha this argument again… They should have never shown him on his feet. I will not back off that.

      • Well that would have made much more sense yes

      • Jay El Bee

        Doesn’t matter, he needed the referees help to get to his feet and that didn’t happen until after the match was already over.

      • TheBigKing1

        But I guess they can at least count Extreme Rules as a win for Ryback somehow.

  • Stoney

    I just Vince would put at least half the effort into pushing Ryback as he does into pushing John Cena

  • Jay El Bee

    First off Ryback has only lost clean 3 times since he redebuted RR, EC & WM, every other match he has lost was either because of outside interference or because one of his teammates got pinned. Also your second paragraph made no sense, a victory over those guys means nothing because of who they’ve lost to in the past. Well guess what Cena has lost to Kevin Federline & John Laurinaitis before, so I guess a victory over him doesn’t mean anything either since those losses look far worse than anything you listed.

  • pow

    Richard you are a complete and utter joke,I have said this before that you really know nothing about the wrestling business, Your dissection about Ryback wins/loses was hilariously bad,you could do this for every single wrestler,but off course you pick on Ryback and the mind numbingly bad sheep agree with you. Bar Bar Bar.

    • Loren Goldstein

      And yet here you come, to his site, to tell him that. Good job, I’m sure you’ve really made a difference.