Monumental Error Made During Opening Segment Of Raw Supershow; WWE Corrects On Commentary

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There was a glaring error during the opening segment of tonight's WWE Raw Supershow as John Laurinaitis announced that he re-hired Big Show on Saturday and gave him a bonus.

Given the stipulation WWE had announced for the bout between John Cena and Laurinaitis at WWE Over the Limit, not only would have Show's interference caused Laurinaitis to be "fired" but it would have caused him to be "fired" as well. In storyline, the WWE Board of Directors stipulated that if any Superstar or Diva interfered Laurinaitis would be terminated as well as the contracted worker that interfered.

When Show "returned" during the match at the pay-per-view, Cole proclaimed he was there because he "bought a ticket" as he interfered to help Laurinaitis win the match.

Someone in the back recognized the mistake as it was clarified on commentary that Show agreed in principle on Saturday but didn't actually sign until this morning.

  • ChaosBlue

    Lol…WWE Creative 101 huh?

    • Nina

      People power!!!!!!!! what a laugh.

  • robert

    i think johnny fuxs that up all himself with his stellar mic skills but i like him we need someone to hate

  • Nichole

    I was one of the first to tweet that! @cenationfan11

    • Matt Scott

      How can you possibly know that?

  • Nichole

    I picked up on that right away

    • sesrulez

      really ? really ?

  • gibbons08

    If anyone else screwed up as much ol Johnny Ace does on the mic they would be removed from television or have there time limited! So what’s the deal with Cpt. 2 left feet?

    • Matt Scott

      Did you not notice he had no mic time on OTL and only that one brief segment on RAW?

    • DLT

      someone did mess up that much, Mike Adamle!! how long did he last?

    • DLT

      someone did mess up that much, Mike Adamle!! how long did he last?

  • Craig

    So they change Kharma’s return because it was too predictable but give us Big Shows heel turn. Who didnt see this one?

  • Robert olley

    You mean accept the fact he deals with all the contracts etc in wwe I do not envy his job in at all handling about 200 contracts and dealing with any problems the talents have. That’s the deal with johnny.

  • christopher525

    Another issue, they claim if anyone "touched" him from then on then they would be "fired" immediately. When Sheamus came running out he made sure to run through Johnny Douchenozzle, and got caught on camera.

    • H.M.

      Either it was a botch or Johnny was stupid enough to let it go 😀

  • Me.

    I think this error succinctly explains how someone like Mike Adamle can be hired and stay on for so long.

  • joshstoos

    I also like the fact that Sheamus runs right into Big Johnny with no repercussions immediately after he said that anyone who touched him would be fired.

    • BOB

      Maybe something will happen on Smackdown reguarding this?? give big Johnny time

  • al

    Who is she anus lol

  • samantha

    i think that they still need to fire jonny laryngitis…we r true wwe fans through and through and have quit watching because since he took over it has became a freaking joke….he needs reprmanded for all the stuff he has done to superstars….where the heck is triple h when he is needed and he calls himself the coo…yeah whatever!!!!

    • Nina

      I agree 100%, I bought the ppv Over the limit , but I am not getting anymore untill they get rid of BIG JOHNNY he is bull———! it has been like that ever since he took over. not enough matches because of the stipid stuu.

  • BestInTheWorld

    So predictable. The minute the stipulation was announced on raw last week everybody knew what was going to happen!!

    They should have had Show interfere to try and get his job back but then have Johnny refuse to rehire him last night. Keeps the storyline potential with Show open and gives Ace more heat.

  • Austin

    What a dumbass.

  • bettysteve

    even better idea than firing? numbering the tops of the pages of the script maybe??!!

  • Logan_Walker

    Well its good that someone is on the ball

  • _JIM_

    I heard “Big Johny” say that and could almost hear Vince screaming at him from gorilla…

  • Kevin

    Big Johnny strikes again! He's so lame on the mic it isn't even funny. They never should have hired this no-talent, no-skills LOSER. They need to fire him soon or people will run from the WWE in droves. He's dragging them down with his cigarette voice and inability to keep his lines straight. It would help if he could improv, but he can't even do THAT! Get rid of him WWE or risk losing lots of viewers.