More 1-800-FELLA Videos, Colter's Militia

More 1-800-FELLA Videos

WWE has released an alternate ending and the outages of their 1-800-FELLA vignette with Sheamus. You can view each below:

1-800-FELLA commercial spot - Alternate ending

Outtakes from Sheamus' 1-800-FELLA commercial spoof

Colter's Militia

Zeb Colter is calling Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro "Colter's Militia." No word if the name will make it to TV but the following is from Colter's Twitter:

  • Dave Barton

    Really, what is the goal of these 1-800-FELLA vignettes? Its not enough that his pasty-white “arse” whipped a black man & he outsmarted a intellectual??