More Aces And Eights Members Revealed

In addition to Luke Gallows and Mike Knox, who I mentioned earlier today in Ask WNW, Wes Brisco is also a member of the Aces and Eights faction on Impact Wrestling.

D-Lo Brown played a member of the faction on this week's show but it's unknown if he'll end up in the final group as he works backstage in TNA as an agent.

  • Lenny

    There was one guy in the group that kinda reminded me of The Disciple aka Brutus Beefcake but I’m pretty sure it’s Chris Masters.

    • That’s a great shout

  • CrankyVince

    People like Chris Masters, D’Lo Brown, Cliff Compton, and Jeff Jarrett also follow them on Twitter. Jarrett and Brown seem to be the only TNA affiliated people following the Aces and Eights on Twitter.

    • nathan

      masters is in ring ka king owned by TNA

  • Tiago

    Have you realized that a good amount of aces and eights are from wwe and they targetted 3 former wwe superstars

    • Jannez

      and two ex WCW stars, so what!?

      • Spalsheh Jr

        Jeff Jarret is from WCW as well u never know

  • Guy Landau

    I saw a long-haired one that reminded me of Gunnar. How long has it been since he's been on TV? Because he was signed to a long term deal but hasn't appeared in ages.

    • nWoWolfPac4Lyfe

      Last week against the kid whom was denied a contract! Duh! OOOOORAH! USMC 4LYFE!

      • Guy Landau

        Look at how old my comment is. Exactly.

    • kbunyon

      Guy – Gunner faced the Gut Check guy last week. I know which guy you mean, but I don't think it was him.


      • Guy Landau

        Yeah, he also faced Aces and Eights since. This comment was made 6 weeks ago, even before he returned to face Chavo

    • Lebron James

      he's almost always on

  • Bogusstang

    Luke gallows will b a great addition to TNA.

  • tracey

    one of the guys is built like abyss

    • Spalsheh Jr

      it could be masters since i remember him built or morgan but honestly i dont really want to know i guess i want to be surprised

    • chris

      One of them is abyss. One of them is morgan. One is dvon. But whos the guy with long hair? Is it bad ass billy gun or ddp? I would like to see jesse james and billy gunn back

  • jeremy wilson

    I wonder if ric flair or eric bishoff are behind this to get back at hogan and sting.


      I agree n Hogan's about to
      Lace them up………NWO ALL OVER

  • Jannez

    take a peek at the Ring Ka king guys..

    Nough sad

  • Dave Barton

    I’m surprised Wes is a member, given the fact his father Gerry has had his lips firmly planted on “Mr. MackMann’s” buttocks for the last 30 years.

  • smark

    one looked like raven

  • Kevin

    My problem with this whole Aces and Eights storyline is that it too closely resembles the Nexus storyline that ran in the WWE a few years back. A group of rebels attacks various wrestlers, then just when everyone thinks they have figured out who the leader is, the group attacks him and casts doubt again. Seems like they just rehashed an old WWE storyline.

    • Rey

      Just wanted to reply to this and mention the Nexus story line reminded me more of WCW version of the NWO when they first came out and started to add more members and attacked the other wrestlers in the backstage area.

      • Jannez

        and so it all comes together…

      • jesse

        no nexus never had masks and aces and eghits reminds of sons of anarchy with masks

  • nWo4life

    who cares if "Aces and Eights" remind you of Nexus or NWO storylines…. Nexus reminded you of the NWO, and the NWO was a version of a NJPW storyline…. History (in wrestling) tends to repeat it's self; just sit back and enjoy.

    • nWoWolfPac4Lyfe

      They all were plays on well the 4 horsemen! So who really cares it’s makin TNA interesting again.

  • tyler

    i think diamond dallas page is the leader because he has an aces and eights tatoo same suite and every thing

  • martin diraimo

    I think aces and eights are the old nwo crew.

  • Hunty

    The long haired one who is always right in their I think moves and looks like (Super-)Domino, the tallest has Festus’ rather unique square build, the one who looked straight down the camera in the grey checked shirt looks a fair bit like Brisco. Masters hasn’t appeared, you can tell because HIS ARMS ARE THE SIZE OF FOOTBALLS! The man stands out in a crowd. Who is unemployed who has that Abyss build?

    And frankly, every wrestling rivalry bar a few gems has been done. I don’t really give a monkeys how angry yet how focussed DW is in ROH (answer is always ‘very’ to both) or if Punk and HHH are going to insult the Rock and Lesner (because they will and I’ll spend most of the night fast forwarding the action replay of a monologue I saw three minutes earlier).

    I do want to see who’s in aces and eights even if JJ is the only person likely to be it’s leader. I want to see who wins the BfG series this year, and I want to see if Joey Ryan gets to give Taz a moustache ride. So Bravo TNA

  • Matthew

    This whole storyline thing is dumb in TNA

  • I think that Ric Flair and Eric Bichoff are part of the group Aces&Eights and did you notice that most of them are WWE stars and the ones that were attacked were former wwE stars

    • Jesse

      Sting was the first atcked frist and never wrestled for vince

    • Pratt

      It’s not ric flair as the leader his contract runs out sept 31 so that’s out of the question

  • Rob

    I don't think one of them was Raven, I just saw him saturday at Heavy T.O. in Toronto with Tommy Dreamer and Rhino….I mean, he could have made the trip back for sunday's hardcore justice but i doubt it.

    • Drew

      Flair can’t be a part of it he broke his contract with tna

  • josh m.

    DDP is in WWE and ric flair is being sued by TNA for trying to end his TNA contract and get a WWE contract after being inducted as a member of the four horsemen

  • eric traver

    i think aces and eights puts tna over the top and makes it a great show i think it is a much better show thenn wwe

  • Matt

    I think Samoa Joe is the leader he's never been around when a fights been broken out

  • Big Lou

    The big guy in the middle reminds me of Floyd brown , one looks like fallow, morgan, hernandez but I hope it all turns got as a big shock.

    • jon

      abyss main one that talks, gallows, brisco thats been talking to angle, joey ryan and no idea who the rest are

  • Longtalltex

    Asses and Apes, just what we needed!

  • I think the aces and eights deal is a good start to something big. I think its been a very long time since anyone has come up with any good story lines, may it be either promotion. They can take this story in so many different directions it isn’t funny. I hope when they do get ready to reveal the true members they do not shove it down our throats. PERIOD

  • kiellen

    the leader is undertaker

  • snady

    could be way off but the recent episode of impact the guy that took out airies looked like either stephen richards hall or the barber beefcake. but it could have been anyone really looked slightly like drew mcintire 2 which is impossible as he's still in wwe.

  • Mike

    I think it is some of the old NWO and ECW members

  • Tastygm

    The Aces & Eight storyline has been very entertaining. TNA viewers shouldn’t be spending their time trying to figure who they are or where did they come from. Enjoy the storyline & the show & when the writers are tired of the storyline they will reveal who ALL the members of the crew are.

  • Alessandro

    Ive been checking wikepedia and it said that Luke gallows and mike Knox are part of aces and 8s so after I saw wikepidea I thought to my self that mike Knox or Luke gallows could be the leader of the aces and 8s because they are both big guys like the leader of the aces and 8s and also as more wwe superstars who couldn’t make it in Wwe always go to tna so that’s what everyone needs to think about and the leader should have a problem with lot of people in tna so I believe it is Bobby rood could be the leader because he has had problems with Jeff hardy, James storm, Dixie Carter, holywood hulk hogan and he has blamed James storm also he hasn’t been attacked yet and that’s what I believe

    • LilRJ

      Roode was attacked man ….they havent touched Bully Ray

  • Cammy

    matt morgan is defo the leader and others consist of old wwe superstars like knox, masters, gallows etc.

  • Dario Zrnic

    James Storm i'm your number 1 fan in impact.

  • jeremy

    i believe its bully ray as the leader, hes never been attacked that i saw, and he seemed very interested in joseph parks wondering if he found anything out about the aces and eights.

  • Michael mcduffie

    DDP. Raven. Luke. Abyss. Masters. Jeff jarret. John Morrison

  • Randle

    Judging by tonight's episode those big ears under the backwards hat….that's defiantly bichoff and you can tell by that cocky ass way he talks it was coming through big time.

  • Randle

    Oh and this storyline is getting old if you ask me I mean seriously first the NWO, which in my mind killed WCW it's the main reason I lost interest because it was the same shit every night. Then you have immortal hogans first failed attemp at this played out storyline. And now you have the aces and eights who like I said above clearly has bischoff as the leader wich probably means its gonna turn out gay as usual I mean you do notice hogan is sporting the Hollywood look again wich means the big finale will be hogan turning on everyone again with bischoff and tryin to take over the company like I said played out. Atleast they got some good talent in the rest of the mystery men such as gallows and masters.

  • Spence

    Think about it y’all!! Where’s abyss? And his brother his playing a big part in this. And the big where’s his jacket just like him! Think about it!!! Im pretty sure abyss is apart of it

  • Randle

    Joseph parks is abyss so I wouldnt be surprised if it he was in on it and they will probably have parks admit that he is abyss at the same time as the big reveal

  • timk211

    the boss/leader of aces and eights who we saw talking to hulk and sting and had his back to them,,that was eric bishoff…..thebig vice president guy who does all the talking for the club with full facemask and hoody..thats d-low brown..go back and watch it,,easy to figure out voices mannerisms etc,,u will see that i am right

  • sergio

    The guy with the long hair is wes brisco fyi…

  • antonio cage

    from antonio cage man i dont fuckin know who the hell aces and eights are.

  • the tru dx

    i know who aces and eights is think about it for a second who is the only group that stated they were going to get back at tna that was ecw 2.0

  • james

    the leader of aces and eights is Dixie Carter

  • Gene

    I think the leader of Ace and Eights is Triple H. He is COO of WWE and he is learning the in and outs fo runnning the company and he is the son & law of Vince and I believe WWE is going to buy TNA and Triple H is going to run TNA as CEO and Dixie will be president of TNA and Vince will continue to run WWE as CEO and his wife is president of WWE. Their are too may wrestlers going from TNA over to WWE and wrestlers going from WWE to TNA. They will draft the wrestlers between WWE Raw, Smack Down and TNA

  • jimic

    I am 100% sure the leader is delo brown identical built.

  • I was just watching tna its obvious that the guy with the long hair in aces and 8s is wes brisco cus every time wes brisco and garette bishof come down 2 the ring 2 help Kurt or someone else the guy with the long hair in aces and 8s is never out there with them

  • thesmartest

    The leader that always talks is d-lo brown look at his body build and the shape of his head

  • Ben

    It is obviously de lo brown same bdy shape gareth bischof wes brisco mike knox but mainly the leader is de lo brown

  • It’s not D’lo Brown, it’s AJ Styles =0