More Details On Chris Benoit Biopic

Shares 0 has the first details on the upcoming Chris Benoit biopic entitled "Crossface" as they spoke with writer Sarah Coulter. Below is is an excerpt of their coverage:

"There are a lot of unknowns about that weekend [when the murders/suicide took place], which is probably why so many people have tried to fill in the blanks with conspiracy theories," Coulter explained. "Chris Benoit was behind the murders, but we still wanted to touch on several of those theories."

Coulter then commented on which wrestlers will be part of the film. "Eddie [Guerrero] is obviously very important to the story," she said. "Triple H, Kurt Angle, they're all there, but it's early and things can still change."

Regarding whether the movie is a Chris Benoit biopic, Coulter replied: "Chris had a remarkable career. You take a look at his time in Japan and with Stu Hart, and you realize that you'd need more than one movie to tell the entire Chris Benoit story. Ultimately, it's about the 2007 murders/suicide, so we had to pick and choose the right moments in Chris' career that may have been factors in his downfall."

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  • jdl

    This is so many different kinds of bad idea.

    • LeftyTosser

      Absolutely no reason to further tarnish a remarkable career or to re-wound those that have been hurt. How could there possible be anything good come out of this?

    • Lee

      How is it a bad idea its going to be like the movie the wrestler, Chris Benoit had a remarkable career and not just in the USA but in Japan you need to realize that the movie about him and his career Ultimately, it’s going to mostly about the 2007 murders/suicide

      • jdl

        It's a bad idea simply because it's about the murders, just read the last paragraph of the quoted article. "Ultimately it's about the 2007 murders/suicide, so we had to pick and choose the right moments in Chris' career that may have been factors in his downfall."

        It's not going to pain the man in a positive light, it's going to paint his downfall from a hard working family man into a mentally unstable monster.

  • Ruck

    1. I cant wait to watch this and 2. How in the world did they get WWE to sanction this when they are doing everything in their power to make sure that Chris Benoit never even existed.

  • Kris B

    I have to agree with that. Picking out the points that could have led to his downfall would actually make Chris look worse than he already does. There are some reasons that would make this a good idea, but there are more reasons that it would be a bad idea. If it was a biography of Chris' life then I would change my mind, but a film about everything that led up to his last actions is a terrible idea.

    • caz

      I think that perhaps allowing everyone to see the events that lead to his downfall might get people to understand why Chris did what he did. Not that theres any excuse for his actions, just that with all the theories circling the internet, this movie may be the closest that we get to the truth since his family would have to approve its release. I hope I made at least a little sense lol

  • @RatedMKD

    I got a very uneasy feeling in my gut reading this…

  • RK

    I think if the movie is made they need to give the proceeds to some kind of charity/research group for brain damaged athletes

  • Logan_Walker

    I Know That there was never a positive about this but why are they making this film ?

    • Andy

      Because Controversy Creates Cash, as someone in the biz once said…

  • Nesto

    Just that last sentence of having to “pick and choose the right moments” makes me sick….

  • sean

    I don't like the sound of this

  • bettysteve

    trial by media..without the trial

  • Dangerous Lee

    You all want to watch this movie, admit it. Maybe that’s why it’s being made. Because it will be seen by all wrestling fans.

  • Dave L

    I for one can't wait to watch this, I hope they do it in the style of Wonderland the story of the Laurel canyon murders w/ John Holmes as the centerpiece. The movie is filmed throughout all the "theories" and lets the viewer decide which way they think it might have happened. The hardest part for the film will be re-enacting some of his greatest matches. Benoit and Women met in wrestling and worked together in wrestling.

  • MsMojoRisin

    im down for the movie but watch me have nightmares after the fact

  • BIGRAN77741

    Vince isn’t gonna like this.

  • ted

    first off, vince mcmahon does not care about chris benoit anymore. he will only have his lawyers take legal action against the producers of this film if they infringe on wwe trademarks, wwe owned tv footage, or try to place blame on wwe for that indivudual's actions against his own family.

    the fact is that benoit was taking steroids since his wrestling career began in 1985 and he had hardcore matches in japan, ecw, wcw long before he joined wwe in 2000.

    benoit was fully functioning up until june 22 so it is not like wwe had any clue that he was going to turn violent in real life.

    mcmahon does not care about the rassling dirtsheets bashing him or trying to blame him for 100 deaths in rassling just because he is rich.

    the fact is that with the exception of owen hart, wwe has no legal responsibility for wrestler's behavior outside the company.