More Information On Potential WrestleMania 31 & 32 Host Cities

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The Orlando Sentinel has more information about potential locations for WrestleMania 31 and WrestleMania 32. As previously reported, Orlando, Florida is in the running to host one of the events. The proposal process, as well as a few more potential host cities, are detailed in the excerpt below:

“[The WWE] has a rich history of returning to where they’ve had success,” Nelson said. Fifteen to 20 cities are expected to bid on hosting WrestleMania, along with the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and the Monday Night Raw show. Those events would be held at Amway Center.

Tampa, Atlanta and Miami were among the other cities receiving letters from WWE requesting proposals, Nelson said.

Proposals are due by March 15. An unknown number of finalists is expected by mid-June, and then the WWE will interview representatives from those cities. Orlando would be notified if it is chosen of the WWE’s decision by Aug. 1, 2013.

That information will be released to the public next year.

The Citrus Bowl in Orlando hosted WrestleMania XXIV in 2008. Click here to read the full article.

  • James

    YES! YES! YES! Please bring it back to Orlando.

  • They need to come here to Ann Arbor, Michigan to the Big House. 115,000 easily for wrestlemania be seated. For football games it’s just under that and with mania you fit many more on the field. That would be so good. Ann Arbor is just about 30 minutes if that outside Detroit so it would be easy traveling.

    • lee

      Would love to see it back in Michigan.

  • GMW

    Hey guys and gals, for a university project I’m doing a best and worst of the week’s WWE shows every weekend until Wrestlemania, starting with the Royal Rumble and could do with readers/commenters on The Road To Wrestlemania. Please check it out at, thanks.

  • jdl

    They should be looking outside of Canada, Vancouver would be a fantastic option. We’ve got a large enough stadium, we’re a big name city and we’re used to being charged exorbitant ticket prices. But, then again, we always get ignored for TV recordings, so why would Mania be any different?

    • jdo

      By outside “of” I meant outside “to”. >_<

  • Dangerous Lee

    Wrestlemania should be in Orlando! AT THE IMPACT ZONE!

    • K!ng

      Yeah why dont they just hold wrestlemania at the ECW arena too well there at it or the Hammerstein ballrooom.

    • Jeff Ono

      How about Mick Foley’s high school gym? I guarantee a sold out crowd. 2,500 strong!

  • Ryan

    Come back to Indianapolis!!

    • Johnny

      yah come back to indy it has been in orlando recently why give it to them again?

      • Chris

        Because it made an ass ton of money and they’re going to build a corporate office and possibly real HoF in the area, sounds like the deal is going through.


    Miami would be great considering how hot the crowd was last year

  • thebops

    HARTFORD!! (was worth a shot) ‘_’

  • Xavier

    Bring WM to straya c$#&s