Much More On Brock Lesnar's Tirade Backstage At WWE Extreme Rules - When Lesnar Was Told The Outcome Of His Main Event Match Against John Cena, Details On Original Plans That Had Both Cena & Lesnar Getting Wrote Off TV, Lesnar's Future In WWE, Exclusive Backstage Details

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I have been able to obtain more details regarding Brock Lesnar's tirade backstage at Extreme Rules this past Sunday.

Brock was informed on April 16th (while the majority of WWE the roster was overseas) that he would be going under to John Cena in their main event match at Extreme Rules. The way it was explained to Lesnar is that while he would be going under, Cena's victory would be a "fluke" and he'd come out looking like the stronger of the two workers. The aftermath would have been Cena being stretchered out of the building and taking some time off with Lesnar getting "suspended" the following night on Raw Supershow.

Prior to Cena going out for the match on Sunday, he was told to work the "smarks" after the match to make it look like a shoot. Once Lesnar got backstage after the match, he went to the monitor to watch Cena's promo (which is out of the ordinary for Lesnar as he hasn't been "engaged" in current WWE programs). However, as Cena was cutting the promo, Lesnar started to throw a tantrum backstage and went right for Marc Carano (one of John Laurinaitis' assistants). I'm told this in itself was funny because up until this point Lesnar had gone right over Carano's head for everything.

One of my sources with knowledge of the tantrum told me under the condition of anonymity that many feel it was a work on the boys and the Internet fans. This particular observer commented on the fact that had Lesnar not known about Cena's post-match promo he wouldn't have been watching the monitor backstage and certainly wouldn't have gone directly to Marc Carano.

The feeling is the entire thing was done to appear the company had gone behind Lesnar's back to make them appear in control when in reality, everyone feels WWE needs Brock more than he needs them. Brock was isolated from most of the workers backstage at Raw Supershow yesterday and if he was truly upset and the tirade wasn't a work, the opening segment of last night's show wouldn't have been as safe as it was.

  • havoc525

    Now Vince is going so far as to work his own employees, that’s deep.

    • J-Dub

      Probably trying to flush out the Evil Vince that keeps posting all the stuff on twitter.

  • Bault16

    Above all else, Lesnar is a businessman

  • nefty131

    That sounds like some inception type of setup. Lol. A work, within a work, as a result of a shoot.

  • PhilT81

    I still think that Lesnar is just interested in Lesnar and doesn’t care about WWE, his colleagues or the fans. Even if this is a work and not a cover up the very fact that his colleagues believe it shows what the guy is like. He’s not safe to work with and was clearly way too stiff with Cena, and an ‘opponent’ in pro wrestling is the complete opposite of an opponent in MMA. In wrestling the whole point of a good wrestler is to protect and never hurt your opponent. If he wanted to beat people up and hurt them then he should have went somewhere where he could fight other has-beens that can no longer take a kick without collapsing in a heap.