More Mainstream Attention For CM Punk/Chris Brown; Watch Punk Discuss Brown On Hot 97 This Morning

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- MTV News has a new article online recapping the war of words between WWE Champion CM Punk and R&B singer Chris Brown. Click here to read their coverage.

- WWE Champion CM Punk was on Hot 97 this morning talking about Chris Brown. You can watch the appearance embedded in the video below:

  • Mike

    Spot on, CM.

  • OhyeahIremember

    "Are you married to Jennifer Hudson"? lol amazing question

  • Ernest Bethea

    Chris Brown is scared of a MAN like CM Punk. CM Punk will hit back… and kick back… and report him to the N.Y.P.D. ((K)Nock Yo Punk A** Down!)

  • AceV

    I’m just amazed at how one sided people are. Cm punk is continuously losing my respect!!!

    • George

      Oh he hates women beaters! What a monster!

    • XKonn247

      So you’re losing respect for a man speaking out against men beating women? Right.

    • My bad u agree wiv chris brown beating up woman

  • Dangel


  • Jman72485

    This just got mentioned about on Conan O’Brian tonight….

  • gmoney

    Right on Punk! F Chris Brown!

  • Blazeking

    It's a work. Chris Brown is going to be one of the Celebs @ Wrestlemania. They need at least one every year.

    • aGirl

      Hope so cause I'd love to see Punk bitchslappin' him