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  • Rus

    Watch out he might block you from commenting in this site

    • Dave

      he blocked me for making a joke about Darren Young giving a bearhug, pretentious and oversensitive it seems. And all he does is talk about soccer. One to avoid.

  • Matt

    And the comments get deleted. Dictatorship.

    • There was a troll comment on here from a month ago that brought out some other trolls so I deleted it. This isn’t a dictatorship but it’s not a democracy either. You are bound to our commenting rules and regulations that are explained here –

      I can sum them up for you, however. Don’t be an ass, respect the site, its staff and your fellow readers. As long as you do this, you’ll be just fine. When you started making pointed attacks at any of the aforementioned people, you’ll end up banned. It’s how we weed out the people that want to contribute and the people that just want to stir the pot.

      You are free to disagree, just do it in a manner that is respectful. I understand this is impossible for some and those are the people that are not welcome to comment here.