More On AJ Lee/Michelle Beadle Incident & The Fallout From It

Following up on our earlier report, we're told AJ Lee is in the "cathouse big time" following an incident at Wednesday's WWE Tribute to the Troops taping involving NBC's Michelle Beadle.

Beadle, a sports reporter and host for NBC Universal, was brought to the taping to represent the network. She joined WWE workers in greeting troops and acted as host for the NBC special set to air on December 28, 2013. Below is a photo of Beadle at a WWE Superstars for Reading Celebration:

While it remains unknown what exactly happened, Beadle had an interaction with CM Punk backstage at the taping. AJ Lee approached her and began essentially cutting a promo, similar to what she does on television regarding the "Total Divas." It was then company officials stepped in and scolded her for her behavior.

Beadle not only made reference to it but apparently accused Lee of castrating her boyfriend CM Punk:

The heat was so hot on AJ Lee we're told she was nearly fired on the spot over it. However, CM Punk is irate about the whole thing and feels AJ Lee shouldn't have heat for "playing her character." We're told Punk hasn't been happy lately and this entire incident just upset him further.

You can view a photo of Beadle interviewing a member of the military below:

It'll be interesting if this incident has any effect in the outcome of the WWE Divas Championship at WWE TLC. While Natalya is actually favored to go over in the match, the company has enacted punishment on a worker in the ring by having them drop a title due to backstage heat. We're still gathering more details and will have more later.

  • Smarky Smark

    If AJ loses I’m done with WWE.

  • Xavier

    “We’re told Punk hasn’t been happy lately”

    Lately? When has that dude ever been happy about anything, I mean honestly?

    On a side note though, this whole incident seems like a water under the bridge type of deal. But AJ should no better then to kayfabe a reporter at a show dedicated to the troops. At the same time though it would be petty if WWE fired her over that.

    • Venom

      Can a WWE wrestler get fired still? Or are they sent home with pay until their contact runs out?

    • Venom

      Can a WWE wrestler get fired still? Or are they sent home with pay until their contact runs out?

  • Venom

    While I’m with u that we wernt there and don’t know what happened u do seem really upset people are giving their opinion on it. I think it was Justin or something in the other post said why she’d be in character when she has no storyline with punk.

    You can give an opinion freely just don’t need to insult everyone. Your also a WNW commenter.

    In my opinion I think AJ will still go over so WWE doesn’t let the wrestling reporters think they have all the inside scoop and probably lose at the Christmas takings. WWE tends to have a title change on those episodes to get viewers to tune in since they know a lot of people read the spoilers.

  • smark calloway

    this all smells like a work to me

  • TheWolverine180

    How can it have an effect on the Championship match when it is a non into the stories match?