More On Christian At TNA Slammiversary This Weekend & How TNA's Lawsuit Against WWE Has Created Bad Blood That Could Alter What Was Supposed To Happen At The Pay-Per-View On Sunday

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Without a doubt the biggest story of the day is Dixie Carter's Tweet that Christian will be joining TNA for a night over Slammiversary weekend. The rumor is that Christian will be at the pay-per-view on Sunday and will be the company's first Hall of Fame inductee. This would be TNA's compensation for allowing WWE to showcase Ric Flair in their Hall of Fame this year with the Four Horsemen over Wrestlemania XXVIII weekend.

However, I'm told the plan to induct Christian as the first member of the TNA Hall of Fame could be in jeopardy given the current injunction placed on WWE. For those that missed it, as I reported yesterday here on Premium, an injunction has been placed on WWE where they are unable to hire anyone who has been under TNA contract in the last sixty days. My source believes Christian will only be inducted if the deal was already in writing or if TNA has the injunction dropped where they would be able to get either Alex Shelley or Ric Flair back on television inside of the stipulated time frame.

  • LeftyTosser

    Dixie should have known better than to announce before Christian actually showed at the event. VKM has a reputation for changing plans at the last second leaving other promoters with egg on their faces.

    • GODSENT83

      He tried to do right and got sued, why would he then try and help them out while the lawsuit still pending? Yea they helped with flair but still trying to screw the ones that tried to be good about it

      • Patrick_Peralta

        Lawsuit or not if Vince agreed to it before hand then he should allow Christian to be there….Yeah lawsuits are no fun but Vince will look like a complete jerk if he brakes his word. besides Vince is no Angel and has screwed over other promoters before…….still Dixie did make a mistake announceing Christian before hand.

    • Matt Scott

      Totally agree. Lets not forget the MEM fiasco

  • smithmiester

    She definitely shouldn’t of announced this. Big mistake in my view.


    She tweeted it probably thinking it would draw big buys but it may have backfired on her. TNA needs to drop the injunction and be done with it.

  • robert

    there has to be a backup plan, hell kurt angle should be the first inductee best wrestler ever in any organization

  • gibbons08

    I’m guessing Vince is going to not allow Christian to attend and he’ll pull him at the last second just to screw over TNA!

  • Clem823

    Really?….Christian…that’s a smack in the face to all those that were wit TNA since day 1

  • BigMattZ

    You can tell the sad state of TNA when they're using Christian to draw buys