More On Confusion At Raw, Mae Young At WWE Live, The Miz Turns Heel

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- We reported on Tuesday there was noticeable confusion during the final segment of this week's Monday Night Raw. Triple H was reportedly upset they went to commercial before announcing Big Show would be challenging Randy Orton for the WWE title at Survivor Series. The segment was running long and they had to get one final break in, which was the reason for the awkward timing. Hunter wasn't happy and voiced his frustrations at ringside in a headset to the back.

- Mae Young was visiting at Wednesday night's WWE live event in Columbia, South Carolina.

- The Miz is on the verge of a heel turn or so it seems. Check out a promo that he cut at Wednesday's WWE live event in Ireland at this link. We have full results here.

  • Ricky

    Never agreed with it when they tried to turn Miz and Alberto face late last year. Those two are natural heels. I’m glad Alberto is a heel again and I’m happy The Miz is heel again. Lets face facts as a face Miz was little more than a glorified jobber. Maybe as a heel he’ll be s star again.

    • Philip Thompson

      I think the only reason they turned Alberto face was the popularity of Ricardo and the way he pronounced Alberto’s name.

  • kingdook24

    After all, Miz was WWE Champion AS a heel. This is when Miz best shined. Don’t get me wrong – I prefer him as a face, but with all the jobbing & embarrassment he’s endured as of late, I was hoping they were planning something big for him – seems I was right if they are indeed turning him heel. But I hope they don’t turn him heel simply for the sake of turning him heel with no direction – after all, it IS easier to be a heel, than a face – but if they are doing this with no push coming & keeping him in midcard, then it’s a waste. I was REALLY hoping we would’ve gotten revenge against Orton or have him face Orton @ Survivor Series.

    WWE needs more main event caliber Superstars, they have MORE than enough midcarders. And honestly, when Miz had his run as WWE Champion as a heel w/ Riley as his righthand-man beefing with Cena heading into WM, this WAS, IMO, when Miz shined the best. I mean, though the Rock interfered in that match, Miz DID get the win @ WM. Not many people can say they headlined WM as WWE Champion & walked out as Champion.

    • Ricky

      Except that whole match was overshadowed by The Rock returning. To me The Miz has the ability and talent to be a top star and proved it. I was hoping he would get a big push as a face and it never happened. Lets hope the old Miz can get back to where he belongs.

  • Xavier

    I am really happy to hear this (hopefully he turns heel soon). I really enjoyed his ascension to the top of the card and his eventual title cash in. That face on that little girl in the crowd is still priceless. I loved most of Miz’ run as champion, he was that perfect old school cocky jerk chicken s*** heel and was great on the mic and knew how to get a crowd to really hate him. His entrance at WrestleMania was freaking epic. Nas’ “Hate Me Now” was the perfect song to describe Miz’ run to the top and success at the top. But like someone mentioned, once Rock was added to the picture he it became all about Cena & Rock’s back & forths. Miz was champ and was easily the odd man out and completely overshadowed and he never fully recovered from that.

  • Charlie

    The heel Miz is what made me a Miz fan….

  • Jamie

    I did like the Miz as a face, but it kind of boring after a while, hopefully as a heel we will see him get elevated again.