More On Edge's Expiring WWE Contract

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Edge was at Raw Supershow last night to meet with WWE officials about his expiring contract. As Edge mentioned in his promo, his contract with the company will expire at the end of the month.

I haven't heard if a new agreement was reached last night but I can confirm Edge is looking for a big six-figure deal much like Shawn Michaels or Mick Foley have. WWE wants to keep him under contract so it will be interesting to see if they increase their offer to appease him.

For those looking for a ballpark number, Shawn is believed to have a deal that pays him somewhere close to $300,000 per year.

  • Ellen Brennan

    If WWE got rid of Cole, Otunga, and some of their other high $ loooooosers they could keep Edge and many of their golden Superstars.

    • Tom Marvolo Riddle

      True that, but active people for one guy who will rarely come on RAW just for a fake talk show would never make Shan mcman intercontinental champion again. what?

      • Ellen Brennan

        please, could you say what ever you're trying to say so someone could understand you?

    • Nite

      So true, the only reason i have ever read for keeping Cole around is because he is a "yes man" to Vince. Shawn and Mick can still take "bumps", not so sure about Edge, so having a similiar deal as Shawn or Mick might be out of the question but i would love to see Edge used as a commentator or something, i think he can be really funny and having Edge and Booker on the same team would be hilarious. Edge got if not the biggest, then one of the biggest reactions last night when his music hit while John L was talking and i "marked" out just like everyone else:)

    • Stephen

      I would have agreed to you on the Otunga part last year but since his new gimmick and spot as Laurinitus's right hand man, I have come to enjoy his work… [That doesnt envolve his in-ring work]

    • Kelvin

      People miss the big picture with Cole, yes he can be annoying but he brings that that heel persona to the commentating team. What good is it when both commentators agree on everything. Although, one might argue that commentators are there to commentate and not argue.

  • RoadawarriorNuste

    Edges never drew like hbk or foley

    • brad

      edge is one of the biggest draws of all time

      • craig

        Smackdown was drawing big attendance on the road (for house shows) with Edge as champ before mania 28. That number is way down now.

        • Paul

          You do mean wrestlemania 27 right?

  • Jaryd

    I'd love Edge to be a permanent colour commentator on Smackdown. Then in the fullness of time, once Lawler hangs it up and the Straight Edge Superstar retires from the ring, having CM Punk in the booth on Raw.

  • channesson

    Edge to tna!!!!

    • Zack Ryder

      and do what?

    • andy

      hello don't you understand he can't wrestle anymore or he'll be paralyzed or even worse than that

  • channesson

    Make their ratings sky high…

  • Chris

    Worth it. Especially given the 5 million going to Lesnar to work a limited schedule.

  • PhilT81

    Edge was a huge draw and would be great to use in a limited capacity. Remember that his neck means that travel is painful and that’s an issue for him so don’t expect him to go on the road full-time in a non-wrestling capacity, as much as we would all like it. Foley and Michaels can still bump around a bit, Edge can’t – whist Shawn is retired he can still get in a ring and do stuff that isn’t him competing in a match, like he did at Wrestlemania. I just hope there is some way Edge could work one more match, with Christian, at Wrestlemania in Toronto without any risk to his health – but if he couldn’t show himself at his best I realise there’s no point. Maybe he can be the ‘host’ or something like that.

  • prplebarny

    it is a shame hat eage cant play the game anymore i love to hate him like so maney others do but tat is he was famus for get better eage