More On Evan Bourne's Second WWE Wellness Violation & 60-Day Suspension

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Evan Bourne has been pulled from a scheduled January 28, 2012 signing at Best Buy in St. Louis, Missouri to promote Royal Rumble because of his second WWE Wellness Policy violation and 60-day suspension from WWE. Bourne will be replaced by his tag team partner Kofi Kingston.

Bourne's Wellness violation was discovered some time last week and was the reason why WWE decided to have Air Boom drop the WWE Tag Team Championship to Primo & Epico at last Sunday's live event from the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.

It was no accident that Bourne was scripted to take the pinfall on Sunday and again on Monday. He already had a considerable amount of backstage heat prior to his second Wellness failure and many feel his future in the company is currently very bleak. There are also people that feel Bourne isn't taking his suspension seriously and learned nothing from his first violation late last year.

  • Alex P

    Well I feel like it's a shame that he's suspended so quickly after he returned from the first. I hope he really finds the right direction.

    • Cristina

      Well as someone who's made some really bad decisions in the past, and is still paying for them…I never had a drug problem, but there are other ways to make messes of our lives. I certainly did mine, decisions that affected my poor son as well. Getting back on the right track is hard, and proving that you deserve a place on the right track is harder still. I believe Evan needs to be thoroughly humbled. I know that's what I needed to pick myself up. Of course some people never get it, but sometimes a good humbling is all that's needed to change someone.

  • Fernando

    I think he's gonna be released before this suspension is over.

    • WNW Fan

      That was my thoughts as well. Sad situation. Makes him seem cocky to.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    "There are also people that feel Bourne isn’t taking his suspension seriously and learned nothing from his first violation late last year."

    No big suprise if he learned anything he wouldn't be suspended again.

    • Bob

      next he is fired no excuses.

    • Howard Stern


  • gibbons08

    I say trade him to TNA and forget about him!

  • Maze

    I met Bourne at a WWE after party that was held in Pensacola and he was a very nice guys and didnt hesitate to talk to the other fans that was there. Its odd that he would risk his future to smoke some fake weed. I hope he can turn his life around, he is an amazing worker.

  • BollyMexCPhT

    If you think about it Evan is kind of selfish because this affects Kofi too. What now for Kofi?

  • Bertie

    Absolute idiot!!! There are so many talented wrestlers who’d love to make it in wwe, he has it all and is being a complete tool about it! Grow up Evan before it passes u by


    • Steve

      You’re fired!

  • ZackPack

    Do we yet know what caused him to fail the Wellness Test?

  • Marco

    TNA could use somebody like Evan Bourne but would hate to see him leave WWE, such a good talent.

  • Dave L

    TNA should NOT be the place where drugged up talent end up. They will never grow as a company if they continue to accept rejected WWE talent.

    • HPK

      Agree with that !!! Evan Bourne , on the other hand is not an addict…He is a stoner that just was careless and pissed a hot urine !!! Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy are addicts that , like some odd million other wrestlers , became addicted to Painkillers cause of being on the road for like forever and their bodies are wreck with pain !!! And the majority of those "Wrestlers" addicted became that way while being in the WWE !!!

  • Samuel

    I think he is a unique talent and he needs to just shape up before they make him walk personally he is ONE of my top favorites in wwe but they just don’t give opportunities away

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  • Mr. Love

    I am still not understanding why it’s a huge problem for them to smoke synthetic weed, that is legal, but there is no problem if major stars in WWE smoke pot and the pot smokers don’t get hit with wellness suspensions. How does that work out in the company’s favor?….. Oh yeah they don’t make those list available for the public….

    • Arav

      you should realise that for wwe wrestlers, they are putting their opponents safety at risk in the ring if they are under the influence of such drugs, regardless of the fact that they are legal. However i do agree with you that there should be similar punishments for marijuana smoking as well. Anyone care to explain wwe's reason for not suspending pot smokers?

    • Cristina

      The nature of this faux-weed is not the driving point. The point is in WWE it's not acceptable. We don't always agree with our rules at work, but if we want to work we have to follow them. How bad was Evan's spot in WWE? Any of us would KILL for all the perks, and opportunities he had. I think as someone from the outside looking in, I can't understand why he would throw such an amazing life away. I'd love to travel, and be famous, and make lots of money. I will NEVER know what the good life is all about. Evan had it and he blew not once, but twice. Imagine all those guys in the world busting their tails on the indie circuit wishing they could have Evan's good fortune.

      • Michelle

        Have to agree there! I love Evan I think he’s an exciting superstar that always puts a smile on my face but u gotta think of the other guys in the ring his moves are risky at the best of time :/

  • Miles

    Pretty sure that stuff is legal, cigarettes and alcohol are far more dangerous, surely wwe can stop an independent contractor from doing something that is legal? Then again what does HHH and is school yard boys club really know about professional wrestling, they clearly don’t know how to obtain and push talent in the right direction, I’ve seen better story lines on home and away and neighbors! Kofi

  • Miles

    To continue, Kofi mate no hard feelings but you’re totally overrated and one dimensional ie boring, RVD please add some credibility to this roster if and when you resign which I don’t care either way as TNA airs its first episode on New Zealand tv on Saturday, Matt Sydal to ROH where we can see and appreciate what you can really do in that ring

  • BigMike

    as good as he is and as much as he is over and getting a decent push in WWE he would be EPIC in TNA imagine a Ultimate X match with AA EVan AJ KAZ among others?

  • Trippster

    I agree with dude love. It’s fine for mason Ryan and John cena and probably 80% of superstars since the 80’s to pump p.e.d.’s into their bodies. And whatever other drugs you can think of, Including actual marijuana, but they are worried about poor little Evan Bourne and his fake weed. For goodness sake Evan, go ahead and get the real thing. They don’t suspend guys for that. Just don’t throw another one of “the boys” under the bus with you. That’s why you get suspended! Look at your boss, Paul levesque, he hasn’t pumped roids before has he? The backstage rules of the business are hilariously skewed and I love it!

  • Arav

    if wwe fires him during his suspension, does bourne have grounds to sue for wrongful termination? since its stated that punishment for failing a wellness teest is a s suspension and not firing?

  • Philip Thompson

    Don't look for him to be future endeavored any time soon – I would imagine that Johnny Ace will wait until the end of the suspension to maximize the impact of it to Bourne – that means it's at least 150 days he's off of TV and also means they can maximize the amount of time where he's not earning and hopefully starts learning.

    His actions were definitely stupid and also selfish in not thinking about his tag team partner – his locker room heat as well as his heat with the office are well-deserved and hopefully he learns from it.

    It's also worth mentioning that marijuana does have medicinal properties – in that the CBD compound in it can be an extremely effective painkiller without some of the side effects opiates bring – BUT as far as I'm aware smoking the synthetic kind is all about getting 'high' which is why the vast majority of people smoke marijuana which is what gets in the way of it being legalized for medicinal use. I have never smoked marijuana or anything else but I have a medical condition that requires me to take very high levels of oxycodone every day and do think it would be interesting to see the difference that CBD could make but I wouldn't want to break the law, I wouldn't want to put money in the hands of drug dealers and I'd want to know exactly what I was putting in my system and know that it had been grown properly and lab tested and I wouldn't want to smoke it because I could never smoke anything. Many wrestlers do end up with severe pain issues and part of me wants them to be pain free and be allowed to take whatever is needed for that but a bigger part of me feels that pain is the bodies way of warning you that something isn't right – and by working through pain there is a high chance of you doing further damage to yourself. I think that the industry needs changed somehow so that people aren't working through pain… they need a lighter schedule and to be able to take time off routinely between storylines to rest up and let their injuries heal. I don't think the WWE needs is entire roster on the road the whole time.

  • Kevin

    Don't worry, Evan. There's always TNA. They seem to enjoy picking up the WWE's trash – uh, I mean unwanted talent. And obviously their wellness policy is a lot more relaxed. Just look at Jeff Hardy – he showed up on the morning of a PPV event higher than a kite and they still allowed him to wrestle. So WHEN the WWE releases you, Evan, just mosey on down to Florida and have a chat with Eric Bischoff. I'm sure he'll hire you on the spot. Hell, you'll probably be the X-Division champ within 2 weeks of your debut on television.

  • Wally

    Love how everyones talking like he is some type of dope head addict with a crack pipe. He smoked fake weed- that’s it. Even if he smoked regular weed it’s nothing to be concerned with. Instead of making a big deal out of things that we shouldn’t be, how about we talk about the real issue at hand? Evan bourne being bullied by Triple H simply because he isn’t “big” like mason ryan or John cena etc. This whole “drug” thing is nothign more than an excuse for Triple H to get rid of him and replace him with a steroid head.