More On Impact Moving To Pop & How This Matters To Global Force Wrestling

Destination America is getting out of the wrestling business. Just three days after Ring of Honor announced they’ll be leaving the network for a new deal with COMET, TNA Wrestling have announced their latest domestic television deal.

As reported here on Wrestling News World, TNA will bring their weekly Impact Wrestling series to Pop beginning on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016 at 9 PM ET/PT. We first brought you the news of TNA’s negotiations with Pop on November 9, 2015 here on Wrestling News World Premium. In that report, we pointed out that Pop is technically an upgrade over Destination America due to availability. Destination America is in approximately 57 million US homes, while Pop is available in approximately 75,255,000 US homes.

Another interesting component about TNA going to Pop is that Jeff Jarrett had been talking with them about Global Force Wrestling. A source close to the situation told us Jarrett wasn’t happy TNA was negotiating with them, as it was a channel GFW believed they could get on. It’s unknown how or even if this will damage those chances at this time.

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  • I hope it does damage GFW. Jeff needs to run along and stop trying to start promotions. He’s no good at it. He’s already ruined one. Why should he be allowed to ruin another. The workers don’t deserve to have to deal with a badly-run company and that’s what they get when they work for Jeff.

    • Mike Conner


    • Mike Farris

      Ummmm TNA wasnt Ruined until Dixie fired Jeff Jarrett from his office job and dixie brought in Hogan, Bischoff, Pritchard and Gaburick.

      when Jeff was running the day to day operations and Dixie was just signing the paychecks. TNA was on the rise you dumbass. Remember the fall of 2009 (Right before Jarrett was fired from the office Job). TNA was doing its highest rated shows with Jarrett and Russo and Terry Taylor running Creative and Talent Relations.

      once Jarrett was removed from the office. and Taylor and Russo were fired from TNA in favor of Bischoff, Hogan and Prichard at first then Gaburick replacing the BHP party. and Dixie having say in every part of TNA. is what destroyed TNA you idiot

      • You could be more wrong…but I’m not sure how. Jeff brought Dixie in. That kills your whole extremely little diatribe. Jeff was going under so he brought her in. She then blew it even more.

        P.S.: Thanks for the response, Mr. Jarrett. Now go change your diaper.

      • Sorry to rattle your cage, Mr. Jarrett.

        • Mike Farris

          what ever Mrs. Carter-Salinas

          • That’s Ms. Carter to you. I’m a lady, not a housewife!

          • Mike Farris

            Last i looked Mrs Carter. your a married woman. to Serg Salinas.

            or did you forget your husband and your cheating with Kurt again

          • Correct. I am a married woman. Serg and I have…an understating. Enough about my private affairs. Either way, I’m no housewife. I’m an independent, working women of the world. If it’s Ms. I want, it’s Ms. I’ll have.

    • disqus_JuqkJADkiF

      Lol… if you think J.J. was the one who ruined TNA, then you’re an idiot…